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Assisi – Tra arte e religione

Assisi Tra arte e cultura Un week end nella città nella città sacra di San Francesco… Un salto in un’area di profonda spiritualità ma non

Madeira – What to do in Madeira

Madeira What to do in Funchal if you only have a few days Funchal, the capital of a small Portuguese oasis in the Atlantic. You only have a few hours

Camper - A way to travel free

Travel without schemes Moving with the house that follows you A way of traveling not for everyone but that still allows you to experience the

Bangkok. 15 interesting things to do

Bangkok 15 interesting things to experience in bangkok Chaotic, intriguing, oppressive, dirty and with a decidedly torrid but also welcoming and cosmopolitan climate: Bangkok is

Marseille. Living the city

Marseille Experience Marseille Marseille, a kaleidoscope of ancient people and civilizations, a city of undisputed charm and strong identity that knows how to attract visitors to its