Bazaruto Islands in the family

An unexpected paradise just a few minutes by boat from the Mozambican coast

We have just returned from Mozambique a few days ago. A land still as pure as its people. Genuine like few countries still. 

Mozambique is not yet so well known. Those who followed our daily stories on instagram kept repeating that they absolutely did not imagine that this country was so beautiful and varied.
In our opinion, the islands of the Bazaruto archipelago deserve to be in the top 3 of the most beautiful seas. 

Twelve years ago we came to visit this uncontaminated land… today we find it identical.
It doesn't happen very often. The years can ruin a place, tourism can deform its culture making it adhere more and more to the great marketing of mass tourism.
Not here, not in Mozambique. Not yet for now.

For this reason, we recommend that you come early and explore this part of the world.

Today we will tell you a little about the Bazaruto archipelago considered a national park and made up of five paradisiacal islands (Benguerra, Magaruque, Santa Carolina, Bangue and Bazaruto).

We embark from Vilankulos to discover the paradisiacal lands of this archipelago.

With a very spacious and comfortable motor boat you can reach the islands. Once you arrive at your destination, the guys who take care of the excursion will set up a large tent where they will arrange everything you need to cook the freshest and highest quality products while you settle down and rub your eyes for the beauty in front of you.
I think the fish eaten here was truly one of the best ever!

You can take the opportunity to take a bath, a little relaxation, the children will play and soak in the crystal clear and shallow water. 

Those who want to go snorkeling to discover a large coral reef.
The archipelago is considered, for the most part, a marine national park; its coral reefs are full of life and home to the largest dugong population in East Africa!

From the boat the dolphins will follow you and show themselves in their beauty and sympathy. 

Even the little ones can have fun and enjoy this spectacle of nature.

When traveling with children and not only the fundamental thing for us is safety and travel having an excellent time travel insurance will make you experience the journey in a more serene way!

We use Chapka with which we find ourselves very well. We leave you the 10% discount code: TRAVEL10 valid for our community as regards the SERVICE CAP.

Unexpected events always happen while traveling and having your back covered in some cases will be really precious.

Returning to us, the islands of the Bazaruto archipelago are of explosive beauty.
How could we describe them if we had to use only one word? I would not succeed, however, perhaps I would associate:

  • Bangue to the classic island of dreams (a bit "to the island that doesn't exist");
  • Magaruque: wild and green (the return of the fishermen at sunset then gave an even more romantic touch);
  • Bazaruto: the thousand shades of the sea and the same number of the sand will create a whirlwind of colors in your head that you will always remember. Running up and down its dunes will make you feel like a child again. These are places where you will find peace, nature, relaxation, colorful fish, top food and much more.

You will be amazed by so many colors and the question you will ask in your head for days and days will be: why didn't we come here first?  

What to bring on excursions?

- high protection sunscreen

- sun hat

- windbreaker or sweatshirt, the journey on the boat can be cold 

- camera

– Gopro

– Drone!

Have a great time!

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