On this page you will have the chance to get to know us a little better through interviews done online or on TV as well as the testimonies of those who have lived some travel experiences with us around the world.

But let's start immediately with the video of our "propitiatory travel ballet" commented even by the legendary "Jovanotti" ... 

... of course it's just the first episode!

Second star on the right and then straight until morning ...

Peter Pan

Interview at "Alle falde del kilimangiaro"

Interview “Alle Falde del Kilimangiaro” with the beautiful Camila Raznovich, broadcast on Rai 3. 

Interview at "Il Mondo Insieme"

Interview with "Il Mondo Insieme" with the wonderful Licia Colò, broadcast on TV 2000.

Is it possible to fall in love in Africa and no longer stop, even with a child in tow? Yes you can!

Interview by fotografia moderna

Intervista on line “Mark & Stefy. Fotografi e Turisti per caso” di Fotorafia Moderna.

Fotografia Moderna was born to give a new face to the internet photo community. In this interview we talk about travel, of course, but also about how to marry the passion for photography in travels to backpacking adventure. (interview only in Italian)

Interview by Viaggi & Vacanze

Online interview “Born2travel. In 2: the Backpacker and the artist cook "by Viaggi & Vacanze

Travel & Holidays is an initiative that aims to offer advice and suggestions to travel enthusiasts. In this interview we talk about backpacking trips and the passion for cooking, amplified even more when we come into contact with "culinary" realities so far from us. (interview only in Italian)

Intervista da Rolling Pandas

Intervista on line “Una coppia appassionata di viaggi: ora una famiglia” di Rolling Pandas.

Rolling Pandas cerca di trovare la soluzione di viaggio perfetta per ogni viaggiatore, in modo semplice e a portata di click.  (intervista solo in italiano)

Interview by Best Air Matress Guide

Online interview “Meet Mark & Stefy. Born2travel ”by Best Air Matress Guide. James Menta is one of the leading camping experts and, in this interview, we talk about our travel equipment, especially the one we use for more spartan adventures in tents. (interview only in English)

"Man discovers in the world only what he already has within himself, but he needs the world to discover what he has inside him."

Hugo Von Hofmannsthal


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