Trip to Lapland to Santa Claus' village

More than a travel article, this is a true fairy tale... In fact, I will tell you about the time our children managed to make a big dream come true, perhaps in... the greatest ever.

Let's start from the beginning.

On the night of December 24th, after leaving milk and biscuits for Santa Claus, Nora and Jago (my children) went to bed dreaming and hopeful like every child in the world.

The following day they couldn't stand it. The desire to go and see if they would receive the long-awaited gifts under the tree was sky high. They entered the room, on tiptoe. The curious eyes rotated 360 degrees. And here are the much desired packages. They never expected what they were about to discover.

Under the tree, among the colored lights, a letter was about to be read:

“Dear Nora and Jago,

 I would really like to meet you in person,

 I'll be waiting for you in Rovaniemi (Lapland) in a few days so we can hug each other.

See you soon,

your Santa Claus"

Needless to say, the joy exploded in the house at the thought of meeting Santa Claus in Santa Claus' village. Happiness could be touched.

“Well now we have to leave” I said out loud.

“Let's go and prepare our backpacks because an important person is waiting for us.”

No sooner said than done, a few days later we left for Lapland. In just over 3 and a half hours we landed in Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland.

The big day has arrived. Thanks to Giver Viaggi e Crociere, who took care of this experience down to the smallest detail, we were able to reach Santa Claus' village early in the morning, before the arrival of all the groups and others. Having the opportunity to make your first footprints in the fresh snow in front of Santa's house is no small feat. Excited we head towards the house with the pointed roof.

 Nora looks at me with eyes full of joy to tell me "we're here mom... the moment has come..."

We push a large wooden door. Christmas lights, packages here and there.

Some elves run away behind a piece of furniture. Others show us the way to follow.

The route is made up of a wooden walkway with mountains of bowed packages at the edges.

At a certain point, Giorgio from Giver Viaggi, known as "the gentle giant", signals the children to look into a small peephole.

The older children bend over, the younger ones climb onto a stool with one eye closed and the other wide open to look into the small round lens.

What was on the other side I will never know... because only the children had the opportunity to see and, like all secrets, they should not be told.

(I tried to ask a few days later what had been behind there, but Nora told me clearly that if an elf told her not to tell her she wouldn't have done it, once the matter was closed)… I will have this doubt forever …and maybe I even like this thing.

After crossing the laboratory and climbing the stairs we find ourselves in front of the most important door. He's the one behind there...

An elf at the door asks to enter one family at a time. He's our turn.

A thunderous “Good morning! How are you?" welcomes us.

We see him. Smiling, big, or rather giant.

The very long beard with white curls.

The small glass glasses. Colorful striped socks in huge shoes. Big, strong hands.

Nora didn't say a word. She looked at him curious and excited. Her eyes were even bigger than usual. She and she managed to give him a drawing that she had made for him a few days earlier. Iago who out of the corner of his eye glimpsed his elf (the one who comes to visit him at home every year in December). Santa Claus can speak all the languages of the world.

While we were chatting with him an elf took a video and took photos of us.

(1 printed photo 35 euros, 4 digital photos plus the entire video: 70 euros).

There is also the possibility that Santa Claus gives the child a gift, perhaps the long-awaited one. (just make an agreement before entering).

Having gone there during the New Year period, he had already stopped by the house on the night of the 24th.

A beautiful emotion, not just for children. A magical moment that we will all remember with great joy.

But it doesn't end here!

In fact, Santa Claus' village has many other attractions, such as the post office where letters arrive from children from all over the world.

There are many bars and restaurants where you can grab something hot between one discovery and another.

But one of the most beautiful attractions is the Arctic Circle line. Right in front of one web cam it records everything that happens 24 hours a day and you can greet those who are at home, as long as they connect to the internet.  

There is a beautiful walk all around where you can see the reindeer and if you want to take a tour (for a fee).  

Believe me, it is not easy to describe what we experienced. It was intense, magical.

It's like being the protagonist of a fairy tale.

Few trips will remain as memorable as this one. The advice I give you is to go there, perhaps at the "right" age of your children so as to experience all this enchantment even more.

But it's obviously not just for the little ones, on the contrary. I think the magic of Christmas resides in each of us. I think we should try to believe that anything is possible, that anything can come true. If there is a bit of this light inside you, all you have to do is leave. Trust me you won't regret it!

The advice we give you is to rely on a professional and quality tour operator. Giver viaggi e Crociere is a guarantee in this field.

Have a good trip and let the magic begin.


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