Trentino Alto Adige

Two weeks strolling in the Alps

What we propose is one of the thousands of itineraries that can be experienced in this wonderful region that has always fascinated all tourists in both summer and winter.

We have been spending at least two weeks in the mountains for many years now, we can't do without it.

This year we decided to take a tour of Trentino Alto Adige.

What we propose is one of the thousands of itineraries that can be done.

San Martino di Castrozza

Our first stop is San Martino di Castrozza which is located at 1487 meters in front of the blades of San Martino. This is definitely the winter paradise for ski lovers and in summer it is for walkers.

We stay at the splendid Hotel Vienna.
Upon arrival we are shown all the excursions to do and they are really many and beautiful but today we want to dedicate it to ourselves and to relax and we decide to relax in their heated pool.
The spa center is truly exceptional: sauna and turkish bath and outside a large space where you can rest on the loungers. This was just what we needed!

ThisHotel Vienna it is a family run hotel and one of those places where you feel immediately at home.

As soon as we enter the room we open the balcony and it seems to us that we have a painting in front of us.
Breakfasts and dinners are masterfully organized even in this covid period. A disposable glove is used for the buffet and the rest of the dinner is served at the table.

We chose this area because of the many excursions to do.
When traveling with children it is very important to choose the right place and area.

Early in the morning we leave and go to take the cable car which is located a few steps from the center of San Martino di Castrozza, climbing on the Colverde cable car we arrive at the foot of the Pale di San Martino and a few meters from the refuge where we taste a nice portion of tosela, really tasty grilled cheese while we watch the cows graze a few meters from us; from here, with the Rosetta cable car you can overcome a thousand meters in altitude and reach the heart of the Pale Plateau, a 50 sq km plateau of bare rock suspended at over 2500 meters high, the starting point for numerous excursions and ascents .

The children had a lot of fun being mountaineers. 

An excursion that we highly recommend if you love breathtaking views and it is especially suitable for everyone, both for those who want to take more difficult routes and for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the mountains sitting on wooden benches sipping a cold beer.

Here is the link with updated prices.

It's time to leave again, direction Folgaria. Continue this journey in Trentino.


In a soft landscape full of streams, between mountain curves, expanses of woods and pastures, Folgaria, a town of about 3000 inhabitants, is the most important tourist center of Alpe Cimbra.
A part of the dense network of paths touches the fortifications and trenches of the Great War of which Folgaria was one of the first fronts.
Each path is the gateway to a new adventure and here they are particularly appreciated because they are accessible to all!

For those who love hiking and trekking, the mountains of Alpe Cimbra offer the right places for excursions dedicated to everyone, from the little ones to adults: from the Baby Trekking paths to the thematic paths full of installations that tell the story, the traditions, legends, nature and customs of this community.

We definitely recommend a visit to the Ecken biotope: a natural oasis that rises from an ancient lake. The area is now protected and can be visited following an educational itinerary designed especially for adults and children with many signs that explain and tell you about the flora and fauna of the area. 

It is very pleasant to walk through the streets of the small urban center full of very nice shops for your souvenirs and restaurants where you can taste the excellent local cuisine.

Also try the colorful train that with 2.50 euros each will take you on a panoramic tour of Folgaria starting directly from the historic center of the town. 

San Sebastiano

A few km from Folgaria here is: Maso Guez where you can spend a pleasant morning with Serafino and his goats in the woods of San Sebastiano kidnapped by the tales of the friendly shepherd.


We decide to reach the surroundings of Lavarone for a new experience, staying at a garnì-pastry shop! You got it right! In Bertoldi, a few km from Lake Lavarone, you will find the Garnì Pasticceria Il Muretto!

We are welcomed by the sweet Beatrice who, with passion, tells us the story of this delightful family-run garnì.
On the ground floor there is an excellent pastry shop that bakes every delicacy, from ice cream to cakes as well as pastries of all kinds, all strictly homemade!

The latter, of course, will delight you in the morning during the breakfast included in the price!

We use this garnì as a base essentially to visit the nearby lake and the curious wooden dragon!

Lake Lavarone has very ancient origins, one of the oldest in the Alps, here it is nice to take a walk or relax on one of its beaches equipped with sun loungers. Lake Lavarone was awarded the coveted Blue Flag by respecting all the required criteria ranging from water quality to awareness-raising initiatives. 

È possibile accedere al lago direttamente in macchina, oppure utilizzando una piacevole passeggiata che ha origine nella località Chiesa, nelle vicinanze dell’Hotel Du Lac.

The legend

The legend tells that where the lake is now there was once a very luxuriant forest that belonged to two brothers.

Precisely because of the ownership of this forest one bad day the two brothers quarreled violently. The quarrel was so violent that God, disgusted, punished both of them.

At night he caused the wood to sink and the large cavity produced was submerged with water, giving rise to the lake we know today.
The origin of the legend finds its justification in the fact that the lake was produced for the natural filling of a large karst sinkhole; the lowering of the ground must have been quite sudden if it is true that on the bottom there are fossil remains of what was actually a fir forest.

From our hotel, on foot, we set out to discover the famous Vaia Dragon!

It looks like it came out of a fantasy book. It took more than 2000 pieces of reclaimed wood to make it and it measures 7 meters in length and 6 meters in height. A nice beast!

Walk to Slaghenaufi and follow the signs to the Enchanted Lair. It will take you about 60 minutes to reach the dragon and it is an accessible path for everyone. We even did it with a good stroller!

For the lazy: no problem, from the Bertoldi hamlet it is also possible to go up with the Tablat chairlift and then arrive at your destination with a short walk of about 20 minutes.

The path is very pleasant, immersed in a shining nature, step by step you reach the powerful dragon, but, beware, it is not an immortal dragon. Yes, the wood used has not been treated and the creature will therefore change its "skin" under the weather and with the passing of the seasons.

The dragon will one day become the earth, from which new trees will be born.
Perhaps the magic of this great work of art is all there: in making us understand that, without nature, we are nothing.


But if there is a place that literally captivates our hearts, it is Sesto.

In Sesto we are guests of the Biovita Alpi Hotel. If we could design a hotel, this would certainly be our role model. Located in a perfect location, where all the main walks in the area that lead to the various farms begin in front of it.
There is a huge swimming pool and above all a brand new private spa that you can reserve for your whole family or couple. And in this historical period of covid where many do not like to share spaces, this is really a great idea!
Equipped with all comforts: whirlpools, chromotherapy, sauna, turkish bath, relaxation area and a bottle of ice cream prosecco. What it takes after a day out on the hike!

Dinners are extraordinary. It's hard to forget the Tyrolean evening with dumplings in all sauces: one better than the other! Everything is super accurate, from the choice of ingredients to the dish. 

And a pleasant surprise is the children's area closed by a glass window inside the restaurant.

It had been a while that Mark and I had not dined in relaxation and stayed at the table chatting while the children played quietly in the adjacent room!

In these areas our parents took us as children and being able to relive them as adults with our children is something very exciting.

We stayed here for three days but we could easily do two weeks with so many exciting activities to do: one more beautiful than the other.

We will talk about two activities in particular:

- The San Candido Lienz cycle path passing the Loacker and the factory

- the walk in Val Fiscalina.

Cycle path from SAN CANDIDO TO LIENZ

Cycle path from SAN CANDIDO TO LIENZ Papin Sport to take our electric bicycles. We decide to rent the trolley where we put the children (who will have a lot of fun). Before leaving, they give us two instructions on how to use them (it was my first time), a bottle of water and a nice packet of Loacker Quadrotti.

From Papin's site:

In total, on a total of 43 km of road, the difference in altitude between the start and the finish is only 500m. In addition, there are several particular areas in which to stop, which make it more adventurous, lively and varied. Among other things, there is also the possibility to stop at the Loacker factory, or to look at the nature that frames the route in a spectacular way. The Drava cools the hottest days and there are several areas, even hilly, right in the middle of the mountains full of beautiful views. If you don't want to cycle from San Candido to Lienz, you will be able to choose the rental point that best suits your needs. "

We have had many experiences around the world and, for both of us, this was one we will never forget.

The landscapes are enchanting. The first 14 km to get to Loacker don't feel right. 

A visit to Loacker is, in our opinion, a stop not to be missed. Both for adults and children. There is also the possibility of booking on the Loacker website to be able to compose your own personalized wafer. It all lasts about an hour. 

A stroll to the museum and then off to the store to buy some wafers with particular tastes. We are crazy about the peanut butter ones!

After filling our stomachs with sweets, we get back on the bike towards Lienz, 30 km await us.

Before leaving, we bought bread and speck. We stopped about halfway along the river and made our sandwiches.
Enjoying them surrounded by nature with our parked bikes and the sound of the river was something truly magical.

Just a few kilometers away and here we are in Lienz. This Austrian town is truly delightful with its pastel-colored houses and small churches with onion domes. We have a cold beer in the kiosks located at the beginning of the historic center. Then we immediately taste a piece of the Lienz cake € 3.10 cream and chocolate. A walk through the main streets of the city and we are ready to return the bikes to the Papin rent a bike in Lienz which is right next to the station. We take the tickets and get on the train to San Candido.

Here is the link with updated timetables.

Val Fiscalina

Defined as one of the most beautiful valleys in the world and we totally agree!

A valley of rare scenic beauty.

It is only 4.5 kilometers long and, nevertheless, it is of unsurpassable beauty: it looks like a wonderful surface characterized by colorful carpets of flowers and dense woods; from typical alpine huts and imposing rock faces of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to its short length of just 4.5 km, the Val Fiscalina with the comfortable walk that leads to the Fondovalle Refuge, is a very popular destination in the Tre Cime Natural Park, appreciated by families with children, but also by guests who are no longer very young.
The Fondovalle refuge can be reached, even for less trained hikers, in less than an hour's walk.

Some simply want to enjoy the picturesque landscape that can be admired from Val Fiscalina in Sesto. For others, the area is a starting point for hikes that lead directly into the heart of the Dolomites, for example, the famous Three Peaks can be reached on foot from here.

Only so much beauty and infinite landscapes will remain in your eyes. 

Oh yes Sesto I know we will see you again soon because the things to do in this area are too many and wonderful!

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