Birdwatching at the Bosphorus

In cosmopolitan Istanbul, after a relaxing hammam, a delicious Turkish coffee why not indulge in something different and new? Let's go then to discover splendid local birds!

Every chance is good to leave and to show little bits of the world to our daughter Nora.

We decide to pack a light backpack and fly to Istanbul ... the city of our heart, where we decided, a few years ago now, to embark on an adventure of life ... the most beautiful of the adventures.

A direct flight takes us to this amazing city... we do not embark neither the backpacks and above all nor the stroller. We only have hand luggage this time!

For all parents, traveling or not, who are perhaps considering undertaking other trips such as fly from Türkiye to Germany, we recommend a travel stroller that has helped us a lot: gb Pockit+, folds with one hand until it becomes really microscopic! I couldn't believe it until I saw it and so, in one move, we loaded the stroller into the overhead bin without too many "stop and go" stops and above all without any surprises when you pick it up once you get off the plane ... as happened to us with a flight toIran where we found him with a broken wheel…

This time we are prepared!

We love Turkey and every time we get fascinated by its atmosphere. Istanbul is not only a concentration of art and history but the chance of experiencing a complete immersion in the nature that surrounds it and among the fantastic creatures that populate it.

When traveling it is very interesting and stimulating to engage in activities out of the normal routine of our city life... In addition to a relaxing Turkish hammam why don’t we discover some of the beautiful endemic birds?

he Bosphorus region is characterized by an intense birdwatching activity. In recent years it has gained enormous popularity thanks to the presence of many species, for some of which this place is even the only one possible of sighting.

Among the types of birds that can be sighted here are the peregrine falcon, the red kite, the sea eagle, the marsh hawk, the griffin, the white-tailed buzzard, the cuckoo falcon and the sacred hawk.

Children compete with those who see more... and not only the children I would say ...

This marvelous experience is offered by the Bosphorus which, on two continents, connects the Black Sea with the Màrmara Sea.

The area is characterized by an intense local tourist movement. In addition to monuments of great importance such as the Kilik Ali Pasa mosque and the Dolmabahce palace, the banks of the Bosphorus are characterized by the presence of some yali, wooden dwellings, a peculiar expression of Ottoman civil architecture.

Called in Turkish: Kizil Adalar, there are nine islands in the Marmara Sea about twenty kilometers southeast of Istanbul. Once they were known as Panadanisia, "islands of the Priests" for the numerous convents that once stood there, some of which survived the advent of the Ottoman Empire

One of them is Bùyuk Ada, where there are no cars but many carriages that make a pleasant tour of the island that stretches over 5 square kilometers. With a nice walk you reach the monastery of Christ that was built in 1597 and continuing to reach the convent of St. George. Just on this island Mark proposed me...

What a wonderful memory !!!


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