Travel without patterns

Movin followed by your own shell

A way to travel not for everyone but it still allows you to live the adventures "on the road" in an "old school" way without too much planning and constraints

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by small, well-organized spaces with everything needed close at hand. When my parents arrived home, one day, and told me and my brothers that they had bought a camper van I couldn't wait to get on it.

The first trip was in Italy, a wander around the regions and the beautiful colors of our Country. The following year, we raised the bar a little bit and started touring Europe.

I remember I loved going to read in the big bed that was on top, above the driver's seat, in the evening, when it was dark outside, my flashlight lit up the pages of adventure books and it's a feeling I won't forget, maybe because I was experiencing an adventure at that time.

The always cheerful revivals. My parents were sleeping downstairs and I remember the sound of the coffee pot, the smell of croissants that my dad used to buy in some pastry shop nearby where we had parked the night before. My brothers who were already looking at the next destination on the map.

Breakfast in the tables that were dismantled becoming beds.

Everything has a specific place, everything has a logic. The bathroom, although small, was one of my favorite places. It all seemed like a game. It was nice to be together, laughing, joking and planning the next day.

Every three days we stopped at the campsite to recharge the water, unload the toilet and take a more comfortable shower than the one our mini-bath could offer us.

Camping "living" is an experience that I recommend to all kids as well.

I remember the beauty of the outdoor evenings, the chatter, the stars, the smell of the grill. Every time we stopped, we put the table outside and if there were trees we used to arrange the hammock too.

Reading a book swaying in the silence of open spaces, all these things have been a great breaths of oxygen for me and I still carry them in my mind and heart.

Every arrival in a city was a great emotion. We used to look for a nice, comfortable parking lot then off to explore the surroundings in search of new things to see. In this way we have traveled almost all over Europe.

I haven't done a camper trip with my daughter yet, but it's one of those things I want to do soon. I wish that she lives those moments of freedom that I lived.

Today, even, to understand if it is something you may like, you can also rent it from private individuals and then evaluate a possible purchase.
Keep in mind that there are so many countries in the world that are perfect for a trip by camper: Iceland, Canada, New Zealand, England, the southern United States, Sardinia just to name a few! Can you imagine how cool it might be the freedom of not having to search or book a hotel for the night; to stop where and when it happens and stay there as long as you want!

We were a family of 5 and the camper has been the best investment we could make but I realize that it is also a risk because, in any case, it presupposes a high spirit of adaptation and adventure, but believe me: it is absolutely worth it.

These photos are not our property.

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  1. Si è vero anche noi con una famiglia di 5 persone il Camper è stato l’unico mezzo che ci ha permesso di fare delle vacanze in giro x l’Europa forse anche troppi km in poco tempo ma volevamo vedere il più possibile. Ancora oggi viaggiamo con il Camper….

    1. Fate benissimo, credo che, soprattutto quando si hanno bambini piccoli sia un ottimo modo di viaggiare in libertà senza spendere esageratamente

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