Rome: A taste of the "eternal city" in two days!

A weekend in the city "caput mundi"? Let's see what we could do to enjoy it 100%

We have travelled a lot, we have seen cities, tasted different dishes and visited monuments... but if someone asks which is our most beloved city, the answer is definitely: Rome. Every time we can we go and spend a few days in the capital of art, good food, shopping and history.

Usually, we start our long tour from the majestic Piazza San Pietro. It amazes you with its grandeur and the magnificent of four-row colonnades that frames it and designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. But it is when you enter the Basilica of St. Peter that you are really blinded by the imposing and richness of the largest church in the world. In the Vatican Museums are preserved the timeless works of the most distinguished masters of all the times. You can't miss the Sistine Chapel, which houses the Last Judgement by Michelangelo.

Along via della Conciliazione, on the right there is S. Pius X bridge from where you can admire Castel Sant'Angelo. Continuing on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II we will get to Piazza Navona where there are three fountains, the Moor, Neptune and finally the most famous, the Four Rivers (Nile, Ganges, Danube and Rio de la Plata) designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. During the holiday season, the square is occupied by stalls selling sweets and toys. It's almost 2 pm and in this part of the city we can't miss to eat a pasta Cacio e pepe or an Amatriciana or a Carbonara at Navona Notte restaurant.

After a great "magnata" we are ready for a walk towards the Colosseum only after passing next to the Pantheon, the most beautiful rest of the Ancient Rome, where inside you can find various tombs of famous personalities including the one of Raphael.

Walking along Via del Corso we arrive in Piazza Venezia located next to Milite Ignoto, or Altare della Patria. Time to walk along Via dei Fori Imperiali which consists of a series of monumental ruins built over a century and a half (between 46 BC and 113 AD). The Roman Forum is the most important archaeological area of ​​Rome.

But now we open our eyes to enjoy the real symbol of Rome: the Colosseum. It was built during the period of the Flavian dynasty between 72-80 AD.

The construction took place in the area occupied by the huge palace of Nero's: Domus Aurea, built after the huge fire of Rome in 64.

With open eyes you can imagine the 70,000 spectators who could watch the fights between gladiators, the hunting of wild animals and, in the early days, the naval battles, where the arena was flooded transforming it into an artificial lake.

Well, we arrive in the evening so after returning to the center there will be no better way to end the day than eating something good in the area of Campo dei Fiori, here you can enjoy the most delicious fried cod of Rome surrounded by the classic chicory with anchovies!

Ma prima di andare a riposare è d’obbligo un gelato o meglio IL gelato con panna per eccellenza da Pasticceria Giolitti accanto a Montecitorio.

And of course before going to sleep you can't miss the best ice cream at Pasticceria Giolitti next to Montecitorio.

Our choice undoubtedly falls on the Abitart Hotel, excellent acquisition, near the suggestive Cestia pyramid and not far from the heart of the eternal city!

Che dire… dopo una giornata trascorsa a macinare km tra le bellezze della capitale italiana bisogna assolutamente riposarsi come si  deve e farsi coccolare… ampie stanze colorate, suites a tema, (noi preferiamo quella fotografica…  🙂 ) pezzi di antiquariato e vere e proprie opere d’arte caratterizzano l’Abitart Hotel, un albergo molto pittoresco e, di sicuro, non standard… L’eccellente colazione presso l’Estrobar, una vera e propria oasi di pace, ti darà la giusta carica per iniziare una nuova giornata alla scoperta di Roma!

Have you slept well? I'm sure so, because today you will walk a lot!

Ovunque siate potrete prendere la metro e recarvi in Piazza di Spagna per iniziare il secondo giorno nella città più bella del mondo!
Piazza di Spagna è certamente la piazza più famosa di Rome, dominata dalla maestosa scalinata di Trinità de’ Monti, costruita nel Settecento, resa famosa dal film “Vacanze Romane” e da allora tappa obbligatoria per ogni turista. In primavera la scalinata offre uno spettacolo per gli occhi davvero entusiasmante, viene infatti, ricoperta tutta di fiori.


Going up the stairs you can reach Villa Borghese, the green lung of the city where you can rest in the shade of the beautiful vegetation and then visiting the Galleria Borghese and the extraordinary sculptures by Bernini.

Moving to the city center we can stop at Birreria Peroni for some Straccetti alla Romana near the Trevi Fountain, one of the most beautiful in the world. Here you can throw a coin into the tank, which according to a legend, tourists are guaranteed to return to Rome in their lifetime.

But back to reality and especially to the Spanish Steps where we pick Via dei Condotti, the road of shopping and great Malls w cross Via del Corso and we let ourselves guided by the senses, we turn aimlessly and we are amazed to discover that any corner, even the most hidden ones, a marvel to watch and photograph can hide...

For the sunset there is no better place than the view from the Pincio near Piazza del Popolo ... here you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view! Believe me it is really worth it!

For dinner, head to Trastevere, there are so many romantic cafes to end a such interesting day!

I’m sure that you will come back ... even without having thrown a coin in the Trevi Fountain!


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