2020 Bank Holidays

All the bank holidays of 2020: dates and ideas on where to go

Now we are no longer leaving just for the summer holidays, every occasion and every party is good to unplug and travel, thus taking advantage of a few relaxing days.

If work and other commitments do not allow you to abandon everything and leave, you will have to wait for the holidays to plan your travels or weekends.
Many holidays in 2020 fall close to Saturdays and Sundays thus allowing you to extend your holiday, others instead happen in the middle of the week, thus giving you only a short trip outside the door. 

As of now, you can start planning when and where to go on vacation this year, in order not to miss any opportunity.  
Also, getting organized on time helps save money, so what are you waiting for?

Let's see if 2020 is a lucky year for vacationers.

All the bank holidays of 2020: 

Easter 2020 - Sunday (April 12)

Easter Monday - Monday (April 13)

April 25, 2020 - Saturday

May 1, 2020 - Friday

June 2, 2020 - Tuesday 

August 15, 2020 - Saturday

November 1, 2020 - Sunday

December 8, 2020 - Tuesday

December 25, 2020 - Friday 

December 26, 2020 - Saturday

December 31, 2020 - Thursday

The long Easter bridge attached to May 1 is certainly not there this year, but with small joints you will be able to organize something beautiful.

From Saturday 11 April to Sunday 26 April, with 9 days of vacation you can have 16 days of vacation ... this means being able to afford to go to the other side of the world without the time zone giving us too much trouble.

The goals for this period and for this amount of days are really many !!! 

Malta, Crete, Tenerife, Maldives, Dubai, Cuba, Formentera, Cape Verde, Morocco, Miami, Cyprus, Madagascar, Mexico, even Japan.... just to name a few.

And with more than two weeks you will really unplug and relax in a big way without putting too much strain on your work holidays.

If, on the other hand, you are unable to take 9 days of vacation, you can opt for the weekend from 25 April to Sunday 3 May. Nine days of vacation taking only 4 of holidays. Not bad I would say!
The Canary Islands, Portugal, the Balkans and much more will be perfect in this period. Even a hit to escape in the East, maybe a Bangkok!

On June 2 it happens on Tuesday, so you can make the first real weekend of the sea in relaxation by skipping the touch and escape of the classic 48h.

August 15 just doesn't help us this year as it happens on Saturday ... as well as November 1 that falls on Sunday. 

But looking further afield, the feast of the Immaculate Conception of 8 December smiles, which being Tuesday will allow us to organize a nice weekend out of town, perhaps among some nice Christmas markets in Northern Europe.

Better to go ahead in thinking about eligible destinations and especially in booking early to save a lot of money. Traveling doesn't cost much if you plan ahead.

We always recommend the purchase of travel insurance so as not to lose anything in case you cannot leave or even more in the case of travel "inconveniences" which would cost exorbitantly abroad. We have been relying on Columbus for some time now, professional and economical!

With these premises what are you waiting to book ???

Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. Peccato che tutti i ponti dwl 2020 ce li hanno fatti trascorrere in lockdown e cosi ci apprestiamo a fare per il natale e capodanno! Viaggi zero

    1. Cara Beatrice, quanto hai ragione… Noi almeno a inizio anno abbiamo provato a dare qualche idea di viaggio… speriamo bene che tutto passi presto perche’ non se ne puo’ piu’…. a noi manca anche il solo immaginare e programmare e organizzare futuri viaggi!

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