7 good reasons to visit Abetone

Welcome to a place of pure relaxation and physical and mental regeneration where you can switch off and recharge yourself with positive energy

Being able to travel in the fall is very lucky for us.
Definitely our favorite season. The trees are tinged with yellow, orange and red, the cool of the evening and the breeze of the morning begin. Sipping a hot herbal tea while enjoying the spectacle of nature is something worth getting in the car and setting off for.

We recently went to Abetone, a famous holiday destination that is very popular both in summer and in winter. We are located in the Sestaione valley, 1400 meters above sea level, on the border with Emilia Romagna in what is considered today as the most important destination in the Pistoia area.

We wanted greenery and we chose these areas to show that they are not only destinations for skiers but that there is a lot to discover and do in other seasons as well.

Abetone is a place of pure relaxation and physical and mental regeneration.
For this reason it is well suited to long and quiet walks on the meadows and in the beech and fir woods to breathe pure air and rich in oxygen to free yourself from the stress of daily frenzy. The walks in the valley do not require a particular physical form and for this reason they are also suitable for families with children like ours. Along the way you can collect mushrooms, blueberries, wild strawberries, raspberries and if you are lucky you may happen to meet some animals that live in the woods.

Below we recommend some of the experiences that you can live here:

The Pyramids of Abetone

Did you know that Abetone also has its pyramids?
The stone Pyramids were erected on the occasion of the opening of the Abetone pass to mark the border between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Duchy of Modena.
Designed by Leonardo Ximenes, both are built in marble and stone and respectively show the weapon and the inscription of the duchy towards which they are facing.

Excursion to the Black Lake

Trek to get to the lake. Know that there are no "restaurants" where you can eat so it is better to bring a packed lunch. We started from the free parking area located near the Botanical Garden.
Follow the path and after a half hour walk you will meet the Shepherd's House where you can stop and take a break on the benches and tables present. Allow another 1:30 h to get to Lago Nero. All the way you will be accompanied by the sound of the stream. Only the last stretch is a bit challenging. I recommend: super recommended hiking shoes.  
If you have children with you, I recommend entertaining them with stories of elves who live in the woods, it will be easier and more fun for everyone to get to the top.

The lake is small but very nice, ideal for a well-deserved picnic.
It is located next to a refuge and from there other paths start for those who want to continue the journey.

This is distinguished by its glacial origin which gives it a dark appearance. Its waters, with their blackened reflection, are the most fascinating thing that you will happen to see in the area. Two species of protected newts live in the lake waters, the alpine one and the crested one.
The surrounding area is home to marmots and golden eagles.

Note that Lago Nero can also be reached by chairlift in Val di Luce and, once you have reached the top, follow the signs and travel for about 30 minutes.

Ski Museum

The museum was created to pay homage above all to the unforgettable multiple world champion Zeno Colò but also to the history of the ski lifts and the workshops of the historic shoemakers who built ski boots to the "future" legends of Abetone skiing and of the carpenters who built skis of wood, the same ones dear to Colò.

Botanical Garden

If you go in the summer, you cannot fail to go to the Forest Botanical Garden.
Located in the upper Valle de Sestaione, at an altitude between 1270 and 1300 meters, this particular "alpine garden" welcomes plants of great scientific interest, many of which are now in danger of extinction. A small area is occupied by a garden of sandstone and limestone rocks and a pond surrounded by a small marshy area. The path through the woods follows a main path; at a certain point two deviations lead: to the right up to the Sestaione stream, to the left to a large boulder covered by a variegated series of mosses and lichens. There is a one hour guided tour where an expert and passionate guide tells secrets about flowers and plants.

Church of San Leopoldo

The territory of the high Pistoia mountains is full of small churches to visit. The religious buildings here enjoy a unique charm of their kind, because they are immersed in the greenery of a completely naturalistic setting. Here the most important church to visit is that of San Leopoldo.

In addition to being a very graceful religious building, it is also a structure of a certain value, as part of the engineering and architectural project created at the behest of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo. In fact, the building of worship is dedicated to the saint who bears his name, born with the noble intention of providing services to pilgrims and travelers who crossed the road.

Feast on blueberry

The fruit par excellence is the wild bilberry. On your walks you will meet the collectors of these black \ purple pearls with whom you can have a chat. On the streets there are many small shops selling loose blueberries (the price is around 10 euros per kg) and excellent jams.
We had a snack with the children, eating excellent fresh yogurt as well as a nice supply to take home!

Where to sleep?

One of the reasons that has pushed us up to here is certainly the possibility to "switch off" from smog, noise and crowded places. We were looking for a little relaxation and here we found it. We chose to stay at theHG Abetone Piramidi Resort a stone's throw from the city center. This ancient residence was the border customs house of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the residence of the Grand Duke himself, it preserves the ancient elegance of its rooms intact and the immense room overlooking the greenery immediately gives breath to the view. Here hospitality, comfort and well-being for the guest are paramount!

Beware parents: after the large entrance you will find one of the largest rooms you have ever seen dedicated to your children. Games for all ages, table football, darts, castles for princesses and toy cars will make your little ones happy and especially yours that you can stay in the adjacent room to sip something or relax and read a book by the fire.

From this year onwards, the services offered by the already splendid spa with sauna, whirlpool, Turkish bath will expand with the final gem of the dream massage by Stefano Serra, directly from the Sanremo Festival.
A massage that, as its inventor explains, “makes you remember how unique and special you are, gives you back that time that too often is spent chasing the needs of others. Here you enter a new, inner and exclusive dimension where the mind can finally stop running, emotions can flow lightly in a unique ritual of its kind ”. Mind you: this is the only holistic treatment that combines and optimizes the seven best treatment techniques that follow one another smoothly and smoothly on the body to the rhythm of sound and heart ... What? Have you never tried it? This is one more reason to stay and be pampered at this other hotel of the chain Italian Hotel Group

Consider that the various packages, especially in this period of Covid, are offered the totally exclusive use of the SPA!

In the evening, when you return tired from your activities, delicious dishes will be waiting for you in the hotel's "Il Passo" restaurant. Every evening a new menu will lead you to discover and enjoy regional specialties and not only pampered, here too, by the warmth of the always smiling and helpful staff.
When traveling with children, we always recommend choosing half board especially when you find yourself in small places like this to optimize your stay without stress.

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