Safari in Africa with children

A magnificent adventure 

Is it possible to live the experience of a safari in Africa with your children ... some even very young ones?

I hope, with this article, to be useful to all those parents who plan to take their children on a safari in Africa.

I tell you right away that it will be one of the most amazing experiences they will have in their life.

However, like everything, it is good to prepare in advance.
Watch some great documentaries together explaining to them the laws of the jungle and the savannah: if an animal kills another animal it is not for fun but for survival.

The children will ask you many questions about it.

This is a magical world for them, that of the cartoon "Lion King" and the very idea of being able to see it live will thrill them a lot.

We bought a National Geographic Kids book that we read in the evening before going to sleep and then took it on a trip.

Nora kept that book in her backpack and, during the safari, she went to check and cross out the animals she saw.

Buy binoculars: this is something I suggest, animals can be not too close and having a pair of lenses that make you feel next to them is very exciting for your children.

We will never tire of saying it, but: it is essential to always leave with an excellent travel insurance to experience it more peacefully and be covered in the unfortunate case of unforeseen events. We have chosen Chapka for this adventure and we will leave you a 10% discount code (TRAVEL10) at the time of subscription using the our link!

Our last experience took place in the Kuger Park, with Daniela and Alberto, two Italians who moved to South Africa 20 years ago and have been Kruger certified guides for 16.

We stayed at the Matimba Lodge, located 5 minutes by car from one of the Park entrances: strategic position, especially when you have to leave very early for the safari in the morning, staying close gives you the opportunity to do things more calmly ... essential when they are also involved the children.

On our journey there was not only 5-year-old Nora but also 20-month-old Jago. Safaris, at Kruger, are forbidden for children under 3 years of age with uncovered jeeps, which is why the choice of taking a safari in a closed car on the first day so that all four of us can enjoy this experience together.

I did not think that even Jago could be so happy. As soon as they saw a giraffe, an impala or an elephant they waved to greet them ... in silence though. A very important thing is to explain the rules of a safari to them. Respect for animals and the park is fundamental. You don't scream, you don't throw things out of the window, you don't feed the animals.

What I repeated for two days to Nora is that we are the guests in their world. And I liked the idea that here it is man who is inside a cage (machine) and they are free as he should be.

During a safari in Africa you need to have a lot of patience. It would be wonderful to enter the park and immediately see lions and leopards but the reality is very different (even if it happens sometimes). He waits, he tries, he even waits for hours. We are not in a zoo where you go from one cage to another and in a two-hour visit you can see all the animals in the world.

Nora couldn't wait to see her favorite animal live: the elephant ... and when at a certain point it showed itself in front of all its majesty, we were all a little touched, so much was the joy in his eyes!

What makes this safari special is the presence of Alberto. His office is the Kruger, he has been in it every day for years. But do you think about it? He knows animals by name, he will tell you many of those anecdotes that you will feel like you are living inside a documentary.

The first day safari (with both children) lasted 13 \ 14 h. If they had told me (I am referring to the Jago earthquake) I would not have believed it and… instead it flew!

The second day was incredible. Mark stayed at the lodge with Jago while Nora and I woke up at 4 and went on a wonderful mom / daughter safari.

If I have to tell you the truth: I loved spending time alone the two of us.

Before dawn it is very cold and you need to cover up well because, being the car uncovered, a lot of wind arrives.
In a short time we arrive at the entrance, very close and after an hour we stop to have breakfast with the zebras and wildebeests. Alberto brought cupcakes, cookies, tea and coffee. I think in my entire life this has been one of the most beautiful and exciting breakfasts ever made.
We went in May, at the beginning of their winter.
I suggest you come from this period onwards until October, the grass is drier and the visibility is better.

A safari in Africa is pure emotion. We have been here three times and each time is like the first.
You become a child, you get excited when you spot some animals, you get lost in the landscapes of this wonderful national park while the soundtrack of the Lion King resounds in your head.

Oh I forgot one very important thing: I suggest you buy a camera for your children! They will have fun creating their own very personal memories and then they will be busy during the waits and the silences.

I hope you found these lines useful if you are thinking of a safari in Africa with children!
You know well that for anything you can write to us, we will be happy to answer you.

When it comes to travel, we would never stop.


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