What can I do "different" in London?

This time I want to show you curiosity, tell you anecdotes and let you discover the lesser known places but so terribly Londoners!

If you are undecided whether to spend a long weekend in London or returning there, after reading this article you will have no more doubts!

The English capital offers much to see and do. But this time I will not dwell on a classic route, no, this time I want to show curiosity, tell anecdotes and make you discover the places less known but still terribly Londoners!

Let's take a few days and I assure you that at the end of this experience you will see London in a different way.

Ok, let's start:

In London more than 100 languages are spoken, one of its multicultural neighborhoods is definitely Hillingdon. This area is located in the westernmost part of the city. You can sit on your knees to taste the magnificent sushi; lie on big pillows and taste a delicious cous cous; an excellent Lebanese dish in front of Harrods; attend Chinese dances; a short walk from Liverpool Street, you can leave the cold and gloomy day behind, in fact you will see a beautiful building colored tiles surmounted by a dome: welcome to the Turkish Baths (St Botolph's Churchyard).

If you don’t mind the sense of mystery and thrill, I recommend you take the tour of Jack the Ripper... visiting the sites of the killings and walking among the alleys of Whitechapel, or a riding on the scariest bus city: the Ghost Bus Tour! You will have fun with friends... but once back at home...

You can not miss the Highgate Cemetery, where great men were buried, like Carl Marx, George Elliot etc. Once through the creaking gate you enter a different world, where the moss lit by the few rays of the sun, the frost on the graves will make everything very impressive. The visit must be booked on the internet, just do a tour a day.

Let's relax a little in our delightful accommodation before continuing the discovery of this magical city.

Naturalmente, soprattutto quando si viaggia con i bambini è d’obbligo una buona travel insurance, anche per vivere questa nuova avventura con uno spirito più leggero.

Few know that until 1916, it was possible to buy heroin and cocaine directly at the coffers of Harrods, in Knightsbridge, obviously as a remedy for fever and flu! But instead of staying in outputs outdoor shopping centers and dive into the fray of the thousands of markets in London, some of them you really can’t miss! Some examples:

- Columbia Road Flower Market, open on Sundays from 9 to 14. You will find plants and flowers of every kind! - Brixton Market, Monday to Saturday from 8 to 17, on Wednesday from 8 to 13. You will turn to reggae music time between vegetables and fruits and you'll love some colorful shirt.

- Camden Lock Market, here we are in the heart of punk of the city and you can find people and more extravagant items in circulation. It goes from vintage stalls, the S & M accessories, eye-popping record stores, offers on tattoos, niches on 4 wheels where to smoke the hookah. Restaurants vary every 5 meters, vegetarian, Indian, Turkish, fish and chips... so you will have a lot of choice! Nora and I ate a nice "bowl of thai noodles" recalling our Thai days while Stefy slung on 5 big Korean mandus, thinking back to Seoul. Remember that around the closing time of the market prices on the fall stalls lot and take home the beautiful aluminum containers crammed with objects! The market is open from 9 to 18.

- Bermondsey Market. This market has a reputation not very "honest", because here you could sell stolen property without the owner could reclaim possession, the deal was to take place only at dawn, so much that even today is open from 4 am to 12. Now it has become one of the finest antique markets in London, although excellence remains at the Portobello Market.

One of my favorite places in London is definitely the walk along the river Thames, specifically from Putney Bridge to Chiswick. Here you will find street performers and the atmosphere is really relaxed!

If you have children... but not only, you can visit the most famous boy wizard of these days: Harry Potter!

On the other hand, London remains one of the most magical cities in Europe!

.. and not only... you can’t miss the Natural History Museum in your itinerary when you travel with children ... free entry ... you will be welcomed by the skeleton of a huge whale right above your head before diving into the discovery of numerous interesting artefacts up to the amazing tyrannosaurus rex so well made as to seem true ... Nora and her little friend Ettore were for a few minutes speechless and literally open-mouthed!

And any day, after taking the tea of ​​5 go for a ride to the Carnaby Boox Exchange in Soho, where you can exchange books and ideas in a non-trivial little place where to end your stay out of the ordinary!

Traveling with low cost flights is not always that easy, you are often forced to very early morning or in the middle of the night flights... this time we had it at 6am from Stansted ... so we should have been at the airport at least at 4 am and then leave London at 2.30 am... with a two year old girl ...! Help !!!

We have decided then to spend the last night in a lovely and very cosy hotel 5 minutes’ drive from Stansted airport ... here we are at Bury Lodge Hotel: great choice! We were pampered by a very familiar environment, a real wooden cottage with attention to every detail! The atmosphere is awesome and we manage to relax with a hot bath this last London night! See you next time!

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