10 interesting things to live in Singapore

Its skyline dominated by soaring skyscrapers resembles that of New York, but it does not have the Statue of Liberty, it has the Merlion, a statue with the head of a lion and the body of fish, symbol of the city, which welcomes travelers at the mouth of the Singapore River.

Singapore, a city-state formed by 63 islands and a mix of races, cultures and religions; it is not only a world economic capital, but is increasingly becoming an interesting holiday destination. 

This tropical south-east Asian island offers many things to do and attractions to see. The "Switzerland of the East", the "garden city", the "city of records": call it what you want. Singapore is truly unique and stands out among the other metropolises of the East for its records.
It is perhaps the city where we would even move tomorrow!

There are cities that remain in your heart, a city where you would move even tomorrow, for us Singapore is one of them.
We came across it for the first time in 2012, we were immediately fascinated by it, especially for the organization, cleanliness, variety of people to meet and things to do

In just one day you can switch between chai in Little India, buy a scarf in Arabic Street and eat noodles in China Town.

It is precisely this mixture that we like that makes you feel even more part of this wonderful world.

Here are some of the things we have done that we think may be useful if you come here:

1. Get lost in the chaotic Little India

Strolling around this neighborhood really makes you smell of India. Its spices, the colors of women's saari, the smoke of incense coming out of the temples, the chaos of its markets. Sitting in front of a statue of Ganesh with the scent of freshly wrapped flowers gives you a certain sense of harmony and inner peace.
Whose throbbing heart is Serangoon Road, one of the oldest streets in Singapore; the street is known for its Hindu temples (including the temple of Sri Veeramakaliamman dedicated to the goddess Kali), the shops selling Indian spices, jewelry and textiles.
For us who are lovers of India in all its forms, it is a pleasure to find it in other parts of the world.

2. A bit of romance at Gardens by the Bay

We recommend that you come here especially in the evening to enjoy the bright lights of the Super Trees (vertical gardens up to 50 m). For those who feel like it, they can also walk the catwalk that connects some of them. We really liked it.

3. Stroll around Chinatown

It is certainly one of the most characteristic neighborhoods. Inhabited exclusively by Chinese. Here you can taste traditional dishes, stroll through the alleys looking for nice murals. Great place to buy souvenirs. (we who love chopsticks have taken a lot of them).

4. A hookah in Kampong Glom

The Arabic area. Recommended for a few relaxing dinners in one of the many cafés, perhaps sitting on a nice rug and smoking an apple hookah. You can also listen to great live music. But remember that they cannot serve alcohol as Muslims.

5. Enjoy the islands

Pulau Ubin: It is an island along the east coast. Here is a very characteristic fishing village. The ideal is to wander around with a bicycle that you can rent on arrival.
It is really relaxing to pedal between the mangroves and ponds.
Sentosa: of a different nature from the previous one, dedicated to the fun of adventure parks or relaxing on the beach. Here you can admire the seabed of Sea Aquarium or visit the Universal Studios dedicated to animated films.

6. Street food

Here is the embarrassment of choice. We advise you not to stop but to taste everything in its markets and if you are curious like us, you will not be able to leave the city without having tried the Perana Kan cuisine, a mix of Indian, Malay, European and Chinese flavors. It is in these dishes that you will find the essence of Singapore.

You can also afford a Michelin-star restaurant, yes: here is the world's cheapest restaurant. (Hawker Chan 78 Smith 058972 Singapore).

The owner did not want to increase the prices (and only for this reason a visit is obligatory).
It serves around 180 meals a day. His workhorse is chicken in soy sauce accompanied by rice or noodles ... for just $ 2. 

7. Walks along Orchard Road

This is the area par excellence for shopping. You can go from big brands to smaller shops. On a rainy day, you can enter one of these underground shopping centers, walk for hours and go out days later. They are really immense.

8. Changi Airport

If you are just passing through with a stopover, don't worry about having to spend so many hours before taking the next plane ... maybe they won't be enough. Here you could spend a whole day. Absolutely the most beautiful airport we've ever seen. It feels like a real city. In addition to dozens of bars and shops, you can also find the aviation museum, art installations, spas, cinemas, playgrounds, gardens, flowers and cacti. You will be amazed by the highest indoor waterfall in the world. It is nothing short of a crazy place!

If you have at least 5 hours of waiting, you can take advantage of the free visit of the city: from 9 to 22.00, it lasts two and a half hours and you must register at the appropriate desk at least an hour before. The Heritage Tour starts six times a day and touches the Colonial District, Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam with a stop at Merlion Park, while the City Sights Tour three times a day takes passengers in transit to the most modern area of Singapore showing them the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade and Gardens by the Bay.

9. Marina Bay Sands

It is certainly the most famous building in Singapore. It is a structure made up of three skyscrapers that support a huge terrace in the shape of a ship, the Sky Park where the famous infinity pool is located, which offers a breathtaking view of the city skyline.

10. A bit of relaxation 

When you spend the whole day wandering, you really feel the need to take refuge in a quiet but refined place to recharge yourself properly; that's why it's important to choose the right hotel! Here there is really the embarrassment of the choice but if we can recommend you a very beautiful place in a decidedly not too touristy area (East Coast Road) it is the Santa Grand Hotel East Coast. The courtesy and attention to the customer is super. There is a swimming pool on the top floor where you can relax after a fantastic breakfast. It is located in an area that we really enjoyed living. Famous for its colorful houses and full of restaurants and malls.

But we cannot conclude an article on Singapore without listing some curiosities:

  • It has the fastest pedestrians in the world (according to research, the people of Singapore walk faster than others).
  • You can be fined up to $ 1000 for not flushing the public toilet.
  • It is forbidden to sell or import chewing gum. There are real black markets at the nearby border of Malaysia with chewing gum!
  • Beware that the curtains of the house are well drawn if you routinely walk around naked in the house, if you see a police officer on the street it could even break into your house.

In short, as you will have understood, this is one of those cities that at least once in life must be visited but above all lived. Bye bye Singapore ... see you soon

6 Responses

  1. Bella recensione… sono stati toccati vari aspetti di questo posto. Resto incuriosita per le molteplici opportunità e comincio ad avere la testa affollata di méte da raggiungere prima o poi…L’ Asia, o meglio i suoi paesi piú a Oriente, hanno un fascino speciale. Singapore e dintorni mi hanno colpito molto, anche grazie alle vostre recensioni. Grazie tante, Antonella

    1. Grazie mille Antonella, effettivamente Singapore è molto invitante come destinazione e noi la consigliamo come ciliegina finale di un viaggio in Asia, prima di rientrare a casa.
      Speriamo che il nostro reportage sia stato utile e, se ti va, da’ un’occhiata a tutti i nostri viaggi in Asia, magari ti incuriosiamo al punto da partire!

  2. Grazie per questo articolo. Sto per mettere su un viaggio multi-city tra Singapore e Kuala Lumpur partendo da Londra .

    1. Grazie mille, presto arriverà anche l’articolo su Kuala Lumpur e speriamo sia utile ai fini di una pianificazione viaggio

  3. So beautifully described. I had been to Singapore twice many years back. But the way you have described is really good. I feel like visiting again. Thanks a lot

    1. Thanks I guess that Singapore is one of my favourite cities in the world. Everytime is always so cool to wander around it

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