The infinite Continent

"Oriente, sin, not having known you before, at least a century before, to discover you still in your purest essence. 

A single thing this unbridled West has failed to tear you away: your tranquility, your serenity, the slowness with which your waters flow and your days, with which your people move, both under a skyscraper and inside a mud hut. "

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A small tropical world waiting to be discovered. Dense lush jungles, imposing mountains that reach 4000 meters and ancient and modern cities that will enchant you

Crossing the Caucasus region from Baku to Yerevan through Georgia between magnificent fortresses, ancient monasteries and small villages 

Long weekend in the futuristic Azerbaijani capital among modern skyscrapers, real architectural works of art and mosques with an ancient flavor

A weekend in the delightful Georgian capital among ancient Orthodox churches, Soviet flea markets and its melancholy beauty.

Journey among ancient cave monasteries and Christian churches; majestic lakes and a capital alive with a vibrant energy

From Tbilisi, the most beautiful beautiful capital of the Caucasus through Gori, the birthplace of Stalin, to the glittering Kutaisi along the Silk Road.

The ancient buildings of Jeddah, the spirituality of Mecca or Medina, the millenary history of Al Ula up to the modernity of Ryadh. Saudi Arabia opens up to tourism!

The labyrinthine souqs, mosques next to churches, a thousand-year history between Phoenicians, Romans, Mamluks, ancient ports, picturesque khans and excellent wine.

The narrow streets of Amman, the caravanserais on the border with Saudi Arabia, the picturesque Petra, the Wadi Rum desert, the characteristic Dead Sea up to the relaxation of Aqaba.

Overland adventure from the capital Jakarta to Surabaya through the history of Borobudur and Yogyakarta, the Batu Karas sea and the Javanese traditions.

Sail along the Chao Phraya, let yourself be pampered by a gentle massage before losing yourself in the intricate and mysterious alleys of Chinatown.

Dream among the colorful domes of Samarkand; immerse yourself in the mythical alleys of Bukhara and lose yourself among the minarets and mosques of the citadel of Khiva.

The genuineness, the courtesy, the respect, the goodness of the Tajik people surprises and displaces you. Emotions that you don't expect in a distant and still unexplored land.

An exciting journey through endless plains protected by towering snow-capped peaks, herds of horses, majestic eagles and an explosion of nature!

Fun tips and trivia for three intense and interesting days to live in one of the most lively and cosmopolitan cities in all of Central Asia.

The Sikhs with their colorful turbans and long beards, the spectacular Golden Temple up to the evocative changing of the guard on the Indo-Pakistani border.

An exciting adventure along one of the most sacred rivers in the world ... let's go through its incredible story from Haridwar to the mystical Varanasi! 

Lose yourself in the chaotic Grand Bazaar of Tehran, admire the bagdirs of Yazd, the desert of Toudeshk, the magical Isfahan or the traditional houses of Kashan!

Shopping along Orchard Road, a bowl of noodles in Chinatown, a trip to the Sultan Mosque of the Arabian Street to end with a chai in Little India.

From the port of Fukuoka to the mountains of Dewa Sanzan with the snow macaques, the traditional Kyoto, the magical Nikko and Nara up to the cosmopolitan Tokyo.

The sparkling Seoul, the delicate DMZ, the border with North Korea, the ancient folklore of Andong, the magnificent temples of Gyeongju up to the frenetic Busan.

The magical Istanbul, the adventurous Cappadocia, the white Pamukkale, the epic Hierapolis and Ephesus up to the Aegean coast of Kusadasi and Izmir. Surprise finish!

Cebu and its colonial history welcome us to the Philippines but we are headed to the island of Bohol and its wonderful tropical beaches ... and more! 

The name alone makes us imagine tribes hidden in the jungle, surfers burned by the sun, roosters fighting, clear sea, peace and tranquility: Welcome to Bali!

The small Sultanate of Brunei, nestled on the island of Borneo, its canals crossed by powerful lances, its mosques and its beloved Sultan.

Wild Malaysian Borneo, with sweet orangutans in the Sepilok jungle, the markets of Kota Kinabalu and the colorful fish of Manukan Island.

Kuala Lumpur: the glittering capital of Malaysia with its lights, its temples, its ancient culture and its history. Useful tips on how to live it to the fullest. 

Exciting adventure on the road from the old Saigon to the magnificent Halong bay through the most authentic Vietnam and its history.

Let yourself be dazzled by the impressive ruins of Angkor Wat, wander around the Russian Market in Phnom Penh and meditate at the Tuol Sleng of Pol Pot.

The offering of rice to the monks at dawn in Luang Prabang, the giant jars of Phonsavan, the jungle of Vang Vieng and the markets of the capital Vientiane. 

We never get tired of hearing it: Sawadee!

From Bangkok to the north ... more and more to the north ... among Buddhist temples, floating markets, muay thai fights, massages and street food, really of every kind.

The shining Shwedagon is just one of the many wonders of this magical land that will surely conquer your soul inexorably.

A month to discover the regions of Northern India, from Varanasi to the splendid Rajastan, among ghats, sacred cows, revered mice, divine elephants ... a new world!

A month of adventure from Mumbai to Calcutta passing through Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu increasingly penetrating the Indian dimension!

Let yourself be enchanted by the history of Kathmandu, the ghats of Pashupatinath, the white stupa of Bodnath, the temples up to the trekking on the path of the Annapurna.

A fascinating country visited a few months before the outbreak of the terrible war. From Damascus to Aleppo throughout its history. 

The skyscrapers rise majestically into the sky, 7-lane roads, gigantic shopping malls, unbridled luxury, you can ski even if you are 50th out: United Arab Emirates.

Wear the dishdasha (white tunic) and the prized kumma (hat with colorful embroidery), we immerse ourselves in the discovery of this ancient sultanate.

The kingdom of the 30 islands in the Persian Gulf, of the very modern Al Manama, its capital, of oil and precious pearls.

Hong Kong: a cosmopolitan city, a crossroads between the West and the East, business and ancient traditions, breathtaking skyscrapers and unspoiled nature.  

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The lapis lazuli of Kabul

A seven-month life adventure in one of the most tormented countries of our time and precisely in the hottest and sadest period of its history.

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A trip to the Las Vegas of the East?

Macao: a mix of different cultural influences, there is a Portuguese colonial air in a Chinese background. Large casinos, shopping centers and Christian churches. 

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The Corniche on the Persian Gulf

Doha, with its futuristic skyscrapers, avant-garde architecture inspired by the ancient Islamic tradition and the long Corniche on the Persian Gulf.

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The tour guide is the Bible!

Retracing the paths and sacred places lived by Jesus, the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, the Golgotha and the cradle of religions ... 

Coming soon

Where Jesus was born

A controversial and highly coveted land that even saw the birth of Jesus Christ but who today cannot find the deserved serenity after years of tension.

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A caress to the elephants of Pinnawella

Ceylon is tea plantations as far as the eye can see, it is Buddhist temples, it is batik, it is enchanted cobra, it is cricket in red sand, it is the sweet eyes of the children of orphanages.


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