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Best time to visit:
The best time to visit Bahrain is October / November - February / March. In the remaining months the temperature rises gradually but inexorably until the terrible heat of August with peaks above 50° C.  

In a word:
Salam Alaykum (good morning)


- One in two tourists find themselves having stomach problems: avoid drinking tap water (even if officially safe) and do not even use it to brush your teeth, not even in 4-star hotels.
- In the month of Ramadan it is forbidden to eat, drink and smoke in public during the day. The ban does not apply in international hotels.

At the table:
One of the strong points of Bahrain is certainly the cuisine, which will surprise you with a mix of flavors and dishes born from the crossing of the typical Arab cuisine with the Indian one.

Essential experiences:
Attending a Formula One race in the wonderful circuit (if you are at the right time); Lose yourself in the capital's picturesque Bab el-Bahrain souk; Visit the royal family's camel farm.

At the court of the Kingdom of Bahrain

The kingdom of the 30 islands in the Persian Gulf, of the very modern Al Manama, its capital, of oil and precious pearls.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a tiny island state in the Persian Gulf, near the Arabian peninsula, formed by an archipelago of 33 islands (several of which are uninhabited) with the capital Al Manama. It is one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the Middle East which is attracting more and more visitors from all over the planet, also thanks to the Formula 1 Grand Prix which has been held since 2004 in the innovative Sahkir circuit in the desert.

It is a constitutional monarchy, the most tolerant in the area, probably due to Western influence which began in the 1500s with the Portuguese conquest and continued with the British protectorate from the 19th century to the 1970s. The population totals just over a million inhabitants, of which over 200,000 foreigners ("expats").  

In addition to the imposing skyscrapers of the capital, there are many historical beauties to be admired in Bahrain, from the many souqs, in the oldest areas of the capital, to the fascinating tombs of the ancient necropolis of Dilmun, from archaeological sites of world interest to ancient fortresses. In short, Bahrain has all the credentials to offer a magnificent holiday.

What to do in Bahrain?

Bab el-Bahrain

Most of the tourist attractions are located in its ancient capital, Al Manama. To discover the most genuine character of Bahrain, you cannot miss a visit to the Bab el-Bahrain souk. This is a typical Arab market presented in classic Islamic architecture, a symbol of what is the Ancient city of Al Manama, as well as a true icon for Bahrain. It is considered one of the most important places in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where you can find a vast range of typical products offered in stalls with a suggestive Arabian atmosphere, with the scents of spices and the colors of fabrics and jewels. Here you can get to know the ancient and more traditional soul of the area and the old art of haggling in shopping.  

World Trade Center

A few steps from the souk, stands the majestic World Trade Center, a true futuristic masterpiece in a country that is constantly growing. It is the second tallest building in Bahrain after the twin towers of the Bahrain Financial Harbor and the first in the world to have integrated wind turbines into its structure to exploit wind energy. It is a huge 50-story eco-sustainable skyscraper consisting of two 240-meter high towers each in the shape of sails, located in the center of Manama City. In addition to exploiting the energy of the wind, it also focuses on solar and wastewater recycling. The building, in the center of Manama, is the most advanced experiment in the country in terms of environmental sustainability, but it is not the only record: it is, in fact, one of the largest shopping centers in the world with all, but precisely all, the most popular brands in high fashion: Louis Vitton, Fendi, Gucci, Versace, Bulgari etc.

Al Fateh Mosque

One of the main attractions is undoubtedly the Al Fateh Mosque, one of the largest places of worship in Bahrain and a spiritual center for all Muslims in the world. Built in 1987 by the will of the last Emir of Bahrain, it is over 100 meters long and can accommodate up to 7,000 faithful. Really interesting point of note are the construction materials and the elements implemented, which come from every corner of the world. The sumptuous Swarovsky chandelier stands out in importance, with the use of Carrara marble, Persian glass windows produced in the best Iranian workshops and handcrafted wooden lamps made in India. Guided tours are completely free, with open access also to the faithful of other religions as long as they wear appropriate clothing for the place.
Women must wear an abaya (long black coat, of light fabric, which covers the whole body except head, feet and hands) and veil, while everyone is required to remove their shoes at the entrance.

National Museum

The National Museum of Manama offers an exhibition divided into nine rooms, where the millennial history of this territory is told among artifacts, relics and documents, since ancient times the center of trade routes between Mesopotamia and the East. Large, well-organized exhibition spaces with captions in English and Arabic allow visitors to quickly develop a collective vision of the millenary local culture, an ancient hinge of commercial traffic between Mesopotamia and the East. In particular, you can admire the precious finds dating back to 6000 years ago, ancient documents and Islamic manuscripts, traditional handicraft objects and historical evidence on the ancient processing of pearls.

King Fahd Causeway & Qal’at al-Bahrain

But here in Bahrain there are also other fascinating places that deserve to be seen. We are talking about the King Fahd Causeway, the huge bridge, 25 kilometers long that connects Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. And then Qal'at al-Bahrain, a few kilometers from the center of the capital, a sixteenth-century fortress built by the Portuguese, considered one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the area. It is a well-preserved complex of turrets, arches, hidden and narrow passages, and several courtyards, located atop an artificial hill of about 12 meters. So far, about 25% of Qal’at al-Bahrayn has been excavated, bringing to light various types of structures such as homes, public, commercial, religious and military buildings.  

Al'Aali Village

An authentic wonder that leaves you breathless is the Village of Al'Aali, an ancient necropolis dating back to the epoch of the mysterious Dilmun civilization, which includes over 170,000 tombs, buried one above the other to create artificial hills over the centuries. different size. The largest, called the Royal Tombs, measure up to 15 meters in height.

Royal Camel Farm

The camel farm of the Bahraini royal family is one of the attractions to visit, especially if you are traveling with children. The Royal Janabiya Camel Farm Bahrain is open from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 18:00 and admission is free.

Sakhir circuit

Formula 1 has also made a stop in Bahrain since 2004. To host the most famous car circuit in the world, the small state of the Arabian Peninsula spared no expense by building a futuristic track in the middle of the desert. The Sahkir circuit, this is its name, stands out for its spectacularity and technology. Since the first edition it has proved to be particularly difficult for pilots who have to face particular environmental conditions here: from the sand that inevitably settles on the mantle (despite the use of particular products to limit the phenomenon), to the strong temperature range between day and in the evening when the race is generally held. A curiosity: unlike the other Formula 1 Grand Prix, on the podium the classic champagne (prohibited like other spirits) is replaced by the Arabic one, strictly non-alcoholic.

Keep in mind that the Bahrain International Airport, which is located about 6 kilometers from the capital Al Manama, is well connected and there are flights from all over the world with more than 40 airlines traveling to the main international hubs. Gulf Air is the country's national carrier that manages the largest number of flights, we used it coming from Muscate, Oman
Excellent opportunity to reach any city in the Middle East and not only directly from here! Have a good trip!

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