Best time to visit:
The climate is hot (between 22 ° C and 32 ° C) and humid all year round, with variations related to regions and altitude. In general, the dry season (more or less from May to September) is the best for traveling.

In a word:
Tidak apa-apa (no problem)

Malaria is present all year round in urban areas and in the most touristic areas of Bali. Antimalarial prophylaxis is recommended as well as antitification. Protect yourself from mosquitoes: there is also the risk of contracting dengue.

At the table:
Indonesian cuisine includes many spicy dishes. Taste the rice, a basic ingredient of the local diet, prepared in various ways, for example fried, as in nasi goreng: the national dish; my goreng (sauteed noodles), perkedel (pancakes), satay (meat skewer with peanut sauce) and pisang goreng (banana pancakes). The fruit, varied and delicious, stimulates curiosity (there are fruits unknown to us with unusual shapes) to try!

- Before swimming in the sea, ask for information on the spot: on each island there are dangerous areas due to strong currents, jellyfish or other.
- During Ramadan, many public establishments observe reduced opening hours.

Essential experiences:
Dive into the crystal clear waters of Dreamland; Take surfing lessons on Kuta beach before trying directly into the ocean; Doing yoga in Uluwatu temple.


Shall we dance the barong?

The name alone makes us imagine tribes hidden in the jungle, surfers burned by the sun, roosters fighting, clear sea, peace and tranquility: Welcome to Bali!

Bali has long been one of the most popular holiday destinations for both backpackers and luxury tourists.
E’ molto caratteristico il fatto di essere principalmente induista in un paese dove l’80% della popolazione è musulmana. L’isola è incastonata tra Java (where a large part of the Indonesian population lives) and Lombok, and is the most famous Indonesian island for tourists from all over the world. The island abounds in white tropical beaches that are perfect for snorkeling, diving and surfing as well as being a must-see destination for yoga practitioners!
Bali's landscapes are very green, scattered with rice fields and Hindu times.
The coast is fringed with cliffs and scenic beaches, although the sea is certainly not the main reason why you go to Bali, in fact, other islands in Indonesia have a more beautiful sea.

It is known as the Island of the Gods: it represents the perfect place for the ideal vacation, with sea, sun and space for relaxation and fun, with an average temperature of 30ºC all year round.  


If you decide to treat yourself to a week's vacation in this paradise, as we did, you could evaluate the itinerary we recommend and that we have tested in the field!

Our suggested itinerary (8 days)

First day:

Arrival in Bali, transfer to Kuta and tour in its typical market.

Second day:

Relax day in Kuta and surf lesson on the beach.

Third day:

Car rental with driver and off to Ubud. Along the way we visit the Tegenungan Falls, Batuan for its pictorial art, the Temple of Puseh, Monkey forest, the center of Ubud with the market, the Royal Palace.

Fourth day:

Balinese dances at the Ubud Palace (Puri Saren Agung)

Fifth day:

Scooter rental for Dreamland and Padang Padang beach

Sixth day:

Day trip to the Lombok islands by ferry

Seventh day:

Scooter rental for the Uluwatu and Tanah Lot Temples.

Eighth day:

ready for departure!

Let's see them in more detail below and that they can be an inspiration for your trip!

04 march Kuta (Indonesia)

We land in the mystical Bali!
We have structured this trip using Kuta as a base to explore much of the island and this choice is comfortable from the beginning, in fact, Kuta is very close to the capital Denpasar, also home to the international airport! Excellent solution for those arriving here after a long flight!

Kuta is one of the most loved and hated places in Bali. Symbol of tourism that has invaded the island, it was originally just a beach. Now it is a country with shopping centers, shops, stalls and a large market all aimed at Western tourism. Kuta is not just luxurious and expensive resorts, in fact we stayed in a very modest little hotel run by locals trying, as always, to experience the place more as travelers than vacationers.

05 march Kuta (Indonesia)

Today we can relax on the beach! 
An excellent opportunity to take a few surfing lessons and immediately put them into practice in the Balinese waters until sunset when, with a cocktail in hand, we say goodbye to this umpteenth wonderful day of travel!

06 march Ubud (Indonesia)

We rent a car with driver We set out to discover the true heart of Bali.
We walk its green streets surrounded by endless palm groves and terraced rice fields; the best way to admire them is to take a walk on the paths that lead from the valley to the top passing through the rice fields or, if you have more time, rent a bicycle and wander aimlessly in search of the most picturesque spots!
The most beautiful courses are located around Jatiluwih, Tirta Gangga, Tegalalang (a few minutes from Ubud) and Selat, where the green of the hills is particularly intense.    

We first reach the Tegenungan waterfalls, then Batuan famous for its pictorial art and we get lost in the temple of Puseh that we admire from the inside after having both worn a characteristic sarong.

Here the Hindu temples are very different from the Indian ones; they have a different beauty! They seem simpler and less whimsical but they strike you more deeply, perhaps it will be because of that aura of mystery that surrounds them ...

... and while we are talking about these things we meet, almost by chance, along the way some guys who make their cockerels fight ... local folklore!

Ubud is one of the most popular destinations in Bali, even many travelers choose it as a base to stay. Ubud is said to be Bali's cultural center, even though it is little more than a small village.
Here is the famous Monkey Forest, a forest inhabited by numerous macaques (Macaco Cinomolgo), where you can walk. Monkeys are used to being around humans but beware of your personal items and food, as they tend to be aggressive at times! Twice I found one on my shoulders!

Before leaving, we make a short stop at the lotus temple, made famous recently thanks to the film: “Eat, Pray and Love” with Julia Roberts!

07 march Ubud (Indonesia)

An activity not to be missed for sure is the traditional Balinese dance show. We recommend that you find out about the day the show is held at the Ubud Palace (Puri Saren Agung) in the city center, buy tickets in the afternoon and reach the "Royal Palace" at least 30 minutes before the show. At the Ubud Palace you can watch the dance show from a very close distance, sitting on the ground. We attended the barong dance, one of the most typical Balinese: the eternal struggle between good and evil, represented here respectively by Barong (a mythological animal) and Rangda (a mythological monster).
The atmosphere is very engaging, Balinese music and the hypnotic movements of the dancers drag you into a thousand different stories and legends.  

08 march Kuta (Indonesia)

Today we rent a scooter to go and explore the south of the island! Many advise against it due to the poor condition of the road surface and the poor driving skills of the Balinese, however, we believe that riding a scooter is a valid way to experience the travel experience in Bali even more intensely!
We leave early in the morning; the sun shines high in the sky, the air is not sultry and we are full of life!
We ride about twenty km to get to Dreamland!
A true dream. The water is turquoise with light green shades! This is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, you can enter the water by walking through the fine sand, immerse yourself slowly and be overwhelmed by high surf waves without the risk of being pushed against the rocks! I am not exaggerating when I say that it is one of the most beautiful beaches ever!

Bali is a destination for many surfers due to the strong currents of the Indian Ocean. 
Not far away is another famous beach: the impressive Padang Padang Beach!

This is a small but beautiful beach, according to many a real paradise on earth. It can be reached via a long staircase descending between two huge rock walls.

Unlike Kuta, the waves here are much higher and treacherous! It is another surfers paradise but you have to be an expert to not get hurt! Usually beginners take their first hands-on lessons in the quiet Kuta beach and when they feel more comfortable they move here to Padang Padang!

09 march Lombok (Indonesia)

If you have little time but you are in Bali, it would be a real shame not to make a leap to yet another earthly paradise: the island of Lombok! Of course, the ideal would be to spend a few days there to be able to explore and enjoy it to the fullest, but in a one-week program, even a day trip will leave you with an indelible memory. Here is our advice!
Departure by fast boat from Padang Bai Bali embarkation for Gili Trawangan Lombok where it can be reached in an hour and 40 minutes of navigation.

In Lombok there are many things to do and see!

We start with Mount Rinjani! Rinjiani volcano is the second highest in Indonesia and one of Lombok's most popular tourist destinations.

Its caldera, which over the years has turned into a blue lake, is about 2000 meters high. It can be reached through trekking routes that wind through the jungle between pastures and rice fields, and once at the top you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views in Indonesia.

Very interesting are the Sendang Gila Falls. This is a natural park with paid admission. The route crosses areas of different vegetation and involves passing some fords. Along the way there are two waterfalls: in the first, the smallest, it is not possible to dive, but it is nice to stop and contemplate the fairy-tale and solitary environment.

The second waterfall is higher and forms a large natural pool. Here you can dive and be immortalized in a very picturesque setting.

Do you want to live a shipwrecked experience? Here is Kondo island!

East of Lombok are four small uninhabited islands, named respectively Gili Bidara, Gili Kapaland, Gili Lampu and Gili Kondo.

They are just over a kilometer from the coast and it is possible to visit them thanks to the passages offered by the locals on small boats. Kondo, surrounded by fine white sand like talcum powder and with low vegetation in the center, can be explored on foot.

We definitely need a dip in Gili air.

One of the best places to scuba dive in Indonesia is the small island of Gili Air, one of three located just off the west coast of Lombok.

The island is quiet and with little traffic: it is mostly done by bicycle. In the transparent waters it is easy to observe the coral reef populated by colorful fish, rays and turtles.  

Before leaving, it is a must to experience the adventure of snorkeling in Gili Meno: a renowned underwater paradise in Indonesia, with a population of only 500 resident people.

Here snorkeling is transformed into a special experience thanks to the artist Jason de Caires Taylor, who created an underwater statuary complex located about two meters deep and which can be reached by boat or swimming. The work, entitled Nest Statues, is made up of 48 life-size human-shaped statues.

Arranged in a circle, some of them embraced, they wait patiently to be covered with sponges and corals, to contribute to the conservation and reproduction of the coral reef.

In the evening, a domestic flight takes you back to Denpasar after an incredible travel experience!  

10 march Kuta (Indonesia)

After the interesting scooter experience we decide to propose it again and this time to head to two very picturesque temples!
The Uluwatu Temple is perched on a cliff overlooking the sea and carved into the coral rock, it is located at a height of 75 meters above the Java Sea.
Once we have climbed the stone stairways, we pass through the door of the temple and we are greeted by a typical Balinese ceremony. The women wear colorful handkerchiefs and flowers in their hair, the men in white sarong, smoke thin cigars, elegant children play among the monkeys, the guardians of the temple.

The purpose of this structure is to protect the island of evil spirits and was also home to the pilgrim Danghyang Dwijendra, who spent the last days of his life here.
The best time to visit it is in the evening, at sunset, to enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean.

We leave for the Tanah Lot Temple, whose name means "terra marre", is one of the most characteristic of Bali, also because it is located in the middle of the sea, on a rocky island on the east coast, in the area of Tabanan .
It is inaccessible: it is not possible to physically visit the temple but the view alone is worth the trip.

11 march Kuta (Indonesia)

Today last day on this beautiful island! Excellent opportunity to wander around aimlessly again ... while we were strolling through the center of Kuta we are attracted by deafening music, a caravan of people carrying a canopy followed by an imposing procession, there are the players, the women carrying offerings and food on their heads inside the typical Balinese colored wicker containers. We follow the parade until we reach the beach where what turned out to be a funeral rite took place.

From the canopy six men pull the box down and make three turns around the bamboo structure adorned for cremation.
The crowd gathers around the body, now uncovered: multicolored flowers are placed in the nostrils and above the eyelids, the hands clasped on the chest are embellished with colored petals, the rest of the body is sprinkled with perfumed oils; the faces of relatives and friends are not sad at all, they sing, smile and honor that soul that now no longer belongs to that body but is being born in another. This is the cycle of life, this is reincarnation.
This view of the world and life makes it possible for you to smile and be happy even at a funeral.
With a death: they celebrate a new life.

It is with this strong and intense experience that we say goodbye to Bali, the island of mystery!

Dengan  Bali

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