The Continent of the continents

It stretches out towards the sea,

is constantly evolving,

with different peoples

always ready to help each other.

It is one of the most fascinating,

it's Europe,

the continent of the continents.

Veronica Calvosa

Click on the pictures and discover our travels !​

A four-day trip to the fairy land of Lappish to discover Santa Claus among mischievous elves, cuddly huskies, docile reindeer immersed in Arctic Nature

A journey by car from north to south along the magnificent Albanian coast among ancient villages, natural wonders and beaches for all tastes

4 days in freedom wandering among these wonderful volcanic islands with two children where Nature has shown its greatest power.

3000 km on the road following the entire perimeter of this spectacular island among glaciers, geysers, waterfalls, cliffs in search of whales and cute puffins.

10 things we recommend to do on a long weekend in Bristol among Banksy's works and museums of all kinds and for all tastes.

The beautiful capital of Wales will welcome you with its ancient history and an eye towards science and the future

Within walking distance of beautiful Budapest, Lake Balaton offers a wide range of opportunities from the entertainment of Siofok to the landscapes of Tihany.

5 days to discover one of the most interesting European capitals: the Paris of the East! Some advice on the activities to experience in this aristocratic wonder!

Two weeks strolling on the borders of northeastern Italy among unique mountain landscapes, villages that have made the history of Italy in a still uncontaminated nature.

Breathtaking alpine landscapes, the highest mountains in Europe, remains of Roman culture, mouth-watering cuisine, regenerating walks in nature: this is the Aosta Valley.

Islands with a very clean sea, enchanting coasts, a pleasant island atmosphere, hospitable inhabitants, great respect for the environment and picturesque postcard landscapes.

Funchal, capital of a small Portuguese oasis in the Atlantic. A glass of excellent "Madeira" wine before jumping off the hill with the "carro de cestos".

Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife where the beauty of nature is the main feature and where taking refuge from hectic western life becomes a must!

Kaleidoscope of ancient people and civilizations, a multi-ethnic and lively city where you can breathe the flavors and smells of the Mediterranean culture.

Montmartre and its secrets can bewitch you, making you take a step back in time, in nineteenth-century France of unquestionable charm.

Chisinau looks like an old and dusty postcard yellowed by time but that has a great desire to be valued, rediscovered and loved

A brief visit to a land that is almost unrecognized by any nation in the world but that has a strong identity and that still dreams of the Soviet Union

Orthodox churches, indoor caviar and vodka markets, the ancient Soviet-style buildings of Kiev up to the flourishing and relaxed Odessa. The new Ukraine.

Minsk and the Stalinist architecture, the virgin forests, the old KGB headquarters, the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and its island of tears.

From the classical Athens to the picturesque Santorini through the romantic Nafplio, in the Peloponnese and the wild island of Naxos in the Cyclades. 

Put aside the initial fears: we discover a fascinating land! The jewel of Prizren, the sad story of Pristina up to the Orthodox churches of Peç. 

From the hot basin of Podgorica, the capital, we flee to the wonderful and lively Adriatic coast with its beauties: Sveti Stefan, Kotor, Budva.

In Cyprus we speak Greek, we use the euro, the guide is on the left and we eat divinely. Sea in Larnaca and Paphos, mountain in Troodos, city life in Nicosia.

A wall divides this piece of Turkey from the rest of the island of Cyprus. Mosques, flags with Ataturk, ancient caravanserragli, baklava and sesame simit.

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From Caesar to Picasso

Barcelona between the artistic inspiration of Gaudì or Picasso, the beloved jamon and the desire to do fiesta of the Spaniards up to Tarragona with its ancient Roman history.

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Christmas magic in the Principality of Andorra

Andorra la Vella, the sweetest capital of Europe, in the Christmas period turns everything it invests into magic! 

Coming soon

In the old Trinacria

From the capital Palermo to the islet of Favignana, passing through Erice, Marsala and Trapani among arancine, spaghetti with sardines or alla norma and cannoli!

Coming soon

The magical Russian white nights

Two cities lived in a busy week. Arbat Street, the Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basil, the Cathedrals of Kazan and Nikolsy, the Mausoleum of Lenin, GUM, the Hermitage. 

Coming soon

By bike from the Little Mermaid

Go immediately to greet the little Mermaid, then run for the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace of Amalienborg to end in joy at Tivoli.

Coming soon

The Mediterranean becomes the Atlantic Ocean

City dominated by the proverbial fortress, symbolic limit of the lands known in the ancient world, natural reserve of the only monkeys in Europe.

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Getting lost in the captivating Alhambra

A slice of good jamon serrano with tapas in the Mercado de Atarazanas of Malaga before visiting the magnificent Alhambra of Granada and its beauties.

Coming soon

Berlin below zero!

Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag Palace, Potsdamer Platz, Checkpoint Charlie, Pergamon Museum, Fernsehturm Berliner: Willkommen in Berlin.

Coming soon

Riding with Don Quixote

Madrid, the Spanish capital and its beauties, Segovia with its aqueduct, Toledo and its history, Alcalà de Henares with its mythical characters.

Coming soon

Overlooking the Baltic Sea

We are in the north of Europe, on the Baltic Sea, between the elegant and graceful Gdansk and the frenetic, fun and messy Sopot to live a little holiday Poland.

Coming soon

Aptit tajjeb!

A food and wine adventure in the islet of Malta to discover all its delicacies with clear and succulent influences from all over the Mediterranean. 

Coming soon

Appointment at Laima's clock!

The picturesque colored streets of Riga, the capital, the medieval castle of Kuldiga, the Soviet-style buildings of Jelgava, the museum of the Liepaja prison.

Coming soon

The London markets

London and its thousand markets, its interesting museums, its exhibitions, its people so diverse up to the Greenwich Observatory. 

Coming soon

A jump from the bridge of Mostar

Alpine landscapes that you don't expect, Sarajevo and its history gets inside you, the gem of ostar with its famous bridge and its people who want to live.

Coming soon

By train to Belgrade

Beograd, the majestic Serbian capital, with its wide boulevards, its Kalemegdan park, its Beogradska Tvrđava fortress along the beautiful blue Danube.

Coming soon

On a gig in Flanders

Burg Square, the city center, the Stadhuis (town hall) with its carved ceiling, the market square with the beautiful Beffroi bell tower and a romantic carriage ride.

Coming soon

The path inside you

The Camino de Santiago de Compostela is not only the long journey that the pilgrims of the Middle Ages undertook is above all a journey inside you.

Coming soon

A toast with a Port on the Ribeirinha

A glass of good Port along the Ribeirinha, a plate of Francesinha, a ride on the old "electrico" tram, a trip to the Mercado do Bolhao, so you live in Oporto. 

Coming soon

Walking with Beckett and Joyce

A pint of Guinness directly at the St James Gate Brewery, an evening at the Temple Bar, a tea at 5 o'clock from Aoife and a good book by James Joyce.

Coming soon

One paella porfavor!

Valencia and Alicante. Delight for the palate thanks to the paella and the mythical " jamon serrano " and delight for the eyes thanks to the Oceànografico and its port.

Coming soon

Beograd: all to discover

The downtown streets, the Sava and Danube rivers, the shops, the monuments and the churches. Belgrade (once of the former Yugoslavia), is a young, pulsating city, full of life.

Coming soon

Swallowed by the Guggenheim ...

Stroll through the Casco Viejo of Bilbao, let yourself be surprised by the futurism of the Guggenheim; taste the pinchos ; admire the city with a river excursion.

Coming soon

The wonderful Krakow

Krakow: the most delightful city in Poland. And yet so close to one of the places where man has "approached tremendously to his nature as a beast".

Coming soon

Evening with the geordies

Mix yourself among the "geordies", the inhabitants of Newcastle, chatting about football and drinking a beer; admire the impressive castle and the 7 bridges over the Tyne. 

Coming soon

In search of Robin Hood

Located in the center of a region of exceptional natural beauty, surrounded and made famous by the Sherwood forest, home of the famous Robin Hood. 

Coming soon

Bagpipes and kilts

Edinburgh with the outline of the castle that stands on an ancient volcanic cone, the Old Town with its gloomy and melancholy medieval and gothic palaces.

Coming soon

Interrail Balkans and Eastern Europe

Exciting adventure on the train to discover Eastern Europe, from Macedonia to the north of Poland, backpackers and lots of adaptability.

Coming soon

Interrail East Europe

Inter rail without well-defined destinations from Serbia to Poland through Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria with an extremely low budget. 

Coming soon

Interrail South East Europe

Pure backpacking adventure, by train, from Turkey to northern Poland through Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

Coming soon

Out and about in the Paris of the East

Buda, Pest and Óbuda, united by the Chain Bridge and seven other bridges, some of the most photographed corners of Budapest, give life to the Hungarian capital.

Coming soon

Interrail Scandinavia

Interrail company between Scandinavia and the Baltic States, backpackers, a keen sense of adventure and a desire to discover distant and still clean places.

Coming soon

Interrail West Europe

Interrail train adventure, from France to the north end of Scotland, then descending into Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland heading towards the Benelux.

Coming soon

Searching for the Oxford dragon

The university city par excellence will not struggle to surprise you and make you fall in love! Ancient aristocratic schools, green parks and gardgoiles.

Coming soon

The port of the Titanic!

An historic English port that immediately reminds us of the famous Titanic or pilgrims of the Mayflower, but also home to many colleges and a lively nightlife.


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