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Go diving in one of the countless sites on the island considered the most eco-friendly in the world; Taste the iguana soup in one of the various restaurants along the colorful main street of Kralendijk; Retrace the old colonial history of Bonaire in the town of Rincon

Snorkeling in Kralendijk

A trip to explore the most beautiful seabed in the Caribbean or climb mount brandaris in a lively and colorful Creole-Dutch background

From the depths of pristine waters to the height of the highest peak: Brandaris, you will feel the magic of Bonaire enveloping you from the moment you arrive and, even more, during the journey as you tune into the unhurried rhythm of the island. You will find that life in Bonaire runs calm and peaceful without the hassle of traffic lights, hustle and bustle or stress.  

Bonaire, off the coast of South America, near western Venezuela, is one of the islands that make up the ABC islands (along with Aruba and Curacao). With its temperate climate, this island is perfect for a year-round vacation: the islands are off the hurricane route, so you can also go on vacation in June, July, August and September (when it would be better to avoid the Caribbean).
Together with Sint Eustatius and Saba it is part of the BES (or Caribbean Netherlands) islands.

Kralendijk (Bonaire)

Discovered by Europeans in the 16th century and annexed to the Netherlands Antilles, today Bonaire is proud of its Caribbean culture, although its 18,000 inhabitants have not forgotten their ties to Holland.
A trip to Bonaire will make you discover the magnificent unspoiled nature of the island and the famous hospitality of its inhabitants for whom the tourist is to be considered a friend!

Bonaire thrives on underwater tourism and throughout the island they are extremely well equipped and experienced to support this activity. There are some sixty dive sites on the west coast and another twenty in Klein Bonaire (the islet in front of Kralendijk, a small uninhabited atoll on the west coast of Bonaire, which is another spectacular destination for snorkelling and you can reach it in 25 minutes by boat.)

The capital is Kralendijk, which in Dutch means "coral reef", a pretty colonial town with red roofs. Numerous restaurants, shops and historic sites overlook the town's waterfront, which winds alongside the beach.
Stop at the monument in honor of the fallen during the Second World War and admire the Pasanggrahan palace, which houses the national parliament inside its yellow walls.  
In the city you move on foot but we recommend renting a bike or scooter to explore the surroundings.
Food lovers visiting Bonaire can try specialties such as iguana soup and other dishes to discover the intoxicating flavor and aroma of the Caribbean.  

This small island is a real paradise for divers, as well as they advertise the license plates (Divers Paradise).

We go directly to the first nearby beach ... the water is so clear that you can see big colored fish even from the sidewalk above the beach!

They take advantage of it for a refreshing bath while a flock of dolphins suddenly emerges from nowhere and, after a few twirls, disappears again!

Rincon (Bonaire)

North of the capital is Rincon, the second largest city on the island, which will help you discover the colonial history of Bonaire. Visit the ancient manor house of the 1500s, which has been restored to host an exhibition on the life of slaves who worked on the local plantation.
The Real Rincon open-air museum is another interesting stop, where you can attend a Simadan dance performance or admire the fences made with cacti.

The natural environment of Bonaire is very varied and includes marshes and coastal areas of great ecological interest. Lac Bay, on the southeast coast, is particularly popular with surfers and those who want to spot sea turtles. Atlantis beach is the preferred destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts. After a kayak trip through the mangrove forests, relax on Sorobon beach, where the restaurants of the on-site resorts serve dishes by the sea.

A small island with a desert landscape, Bonaire is not for everyone - but it is for divers and snorkelers who want to dive into that vibrant world under the sea. The beauty of Bonaire is that the coral reef, designated a national park, is located a few meters from the coast. Dozens of exceptional dive sites are easily accessible from the shore and teem with life, making this island a paradise for divers.

Alongside other activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and snorkeling, Bonaire continues to be one of the main destinations in the world for its sustainable tourism.
Bonaire was recognized as the number one destination for shore diving in the Caribbean / Atlantic in the annual Scuba Diving Magazine readers' awards.

Bonaire has a long history of nature conservation and always tries to find the delicate balance between environmental protection and development. 

Bonaire was one of the first Caribbean islands to collaborate with the Bonaire Reef Renewal Foundation to protect the cliffs. By launching a program for the cultivation of new corals, in particular deer antler and Elkhorn corals, Bonaire will be able to preserve the genetic diversity of the coral reef. In this way, residents, visitors and future generations will enjoy an enriched marine environment.

If you prefer hiking, visit the wild goats that live at Lake Gotomeer or explore the protected area of Washington Slagbaai National Park.
South of the island of Bonaire there are plants for the production of rock salt, one of the main local products, and a sanctuary of flamingos.

The salt pans are one of the most interesting places on the island. The colors of the swimming pools ranging from bright pink to turquoise blue are simply surprising and there is something serene in this simple landscape. What looks like snow capped mountains are actually hills made entirely of salt, one of Bonaire's biggest exports.

Ready to sail to new adventures!

Our next destination is 24 hours by sea from here, we go to Grenada!

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