Aruban Florin

Best time to visit:

In a word:
Bon bini (welcome)


Essential experiences:
Be enchanted by the Alto Vista Chapel, the symbol of the island; Immerse yourself in the discovery of the wreck of the SS Antilla; Glide down the sand dunes of Arikok National Park

The pearl of the Antilles


Miles of impressive white sand beach, numerous all-inclusive resorts and a lovely capital: Oranjestad, which is also well suited to the short walks preferred by cruise ship passengers.

Here you have to experience the island like real natives: follow the Aruban guides on off-road adventures in Baby Beach, under the waves in the wreck of the SS Antilla or on horseback between secluded limestone bays. There are many hidden treasures to see.

Visit the caves with ancient Indian designs, explore the Cunucu (countryside) where you will probably see herds of goats roaming freely. Visit a butterfly farm, the donkey sanctuary and the ostrich farm. Be amazed by the ancient formations of giant boulders that nobody has been able to explain. Visit the picturesque chapel of the Alto Vista dating back to the eighteenth century and almost a symbol of the island since it is represented almost everywhere, even on stamps!

Take an excursion to the Arikok National Park by sliding down the sand dunes to the home of the Aruba National Beer: Balashi brewery. 

Oranjestad (Aruba)

Aruba, off the coast of South America, near western Venezuela, is one of the islands that make up the ABC islands (along with Bonaire and Curacao). With its temperate climate, this island is perfect for a year-round vacation: the islands are off the hurricane route so you can also go on vacation in June, July, August and September (when it would be better to avoid Caribbean).
Famous for its perfect climate and legendary beaches; endless expanses of alabaster sand kissed by the warm sparkling seas and embraced by the wind-bent trunks of the trees.
Ideal tanning conditions, relentlessly sunny skies, warm temperatures, refreshing breezes, low humidity and some of the best white and dusty sandy beaches in the world.

We arrive early in the beautiful island of Aruba ... the color of the sea water begins to become more and more transparent when we enter its marina.
The blue flag with the red star flies proudly on a pylon ...

Although Dutch is the official language, Papiamento is spoken in Aruba, a Creole-Portuguese with Spanish, African and Dutch influences, therefore: Welcome, or rather "bon bini", as they say in the local language, in the happy island !

Given the wonderful day, we take the opportunity to immediately jump into what is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Eagle Beach!
The Arubus bus travels along the coast and in less than 10 minutes takes us to this postcard beach!

Fine white sand, coconut palms that give a little shade, a sea so transparent that you can snorkel almost without wearing a mask.
We enjoy this morning relaxing with our children and it is really fun to play with them on the shoreline while they look around, with wide and amazed eyes!

Despite being a small island, Aruba has so much to offer!

We decide to rent an off-road vehicle and take a short tour of the island. Our driver tells us a few stories and anecdotes about the island as we enter into his most hidden soul.

We explore the fascinating desert terrain, visit the ruins of the Bushiribana gold mines, taking a dip into the past.

From the top of the "Casibari Rock" we have an almost 360 ° view of Aruba, from end to end, remember that this is the smallest of the former Netherlands Antilles.
On the road with our off-road vehicle we have the opportunity to see where and how the locals live, the real Aruba, the one far from the 5 and 6 star resorts of the coast.

I am very struck by a path between large succulent and thorny plants that leads to the small church "Alto Vista", on whose sides there are all the various stations of the Via Crucis and from the top of which you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the Caribbean Sea.

The picturesque chapel of "Alto Vista", a remote church dating back to 1750 and now present on all stamps.

Kaweta means "curious" in the Papiamento language: it is the perfect word to describe the Aruban spirit of adventure.

I advise you to discover your wild side by windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing with a catamaran on the calm, clear and turquoise waves or immersing yourself in the water, between cliffs and shipwrecks or planes on the seabed.  

Aruba is an island that lends itself to be explored and experienced in the name of adventure.
From the extraordinary natural wonders that can be easily visited on foot, by car or off-road, to the exciting activities that characterize the coasts and cities, there are many ways to have fun, whet your curiosity and find your perfect adventure holiday.

We, meanwhile, return to the port.
We are ready to sail! This time we head to the delicious Bonaire!
Stern wind! Here we go!

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