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Best time to visit:
At any time of the year you will find mild temperatures and an inviting sea, but the sun is not a constant presence. The frequent thunderstorms between December and February do not stop the influx of tourists during the Christmas holidays, nor the increase in hotel rates. From June to September the rains are running out. The best months to leave are; October, November, April and May.

In a word:
Bonzour, comman sava? (gooday, how is it going?)

Pharmacies are rare and poorly supplied. Bring a kit with the medications you usually take and the necessary to treat sizes and wounds.

At the table:
Bougeois, cordonniers, capitaines… are the names of some of the most popular fish species in the Seychelles. The fish is cooked on the grill, stewed or fried. The sauces are delicious, flavored with herbs and spices, never too spicy and often softened by coconut milk. The fruit is excellent and abundant, for example bananas, mangoes, Graviola and pineapple.

- Swimming is not recommended along some beaches due to wind and strong sea currents.

Essential experiences:
Be enchanted by one of the most romantic sunsets in the world at Praslin; Stroll around the streets of La Digue; Swim with the Moyenne Island turtles


Eden on Earth

Set in the Indian Ocean as precious emeralds, the Seychellois islands are home to a luxuriant, wild and uncontaminated nature where time seems to stand still, immersed in a dimension of peace and harmony with the surrounding nature.

The Seychelles is a destination rich in variety that lends itself well to a vacation on several islands. In this way it is possible to visit both the larger islands, with their imposing mountains, and the smaller ones, where you move by bicycle, as well as solitary islands, so small in size that their perimeter can be traveled on foot! Whether it's mountains, beaches or tropical vegetation, the most diverse types of landscapes can be admired in the Seychelles.

We certainly recommend the island hopping, or "going from island to island" to discover the wonders and the diversity that each one hides inside of itself!
Why limit yourself to visiting only one? Mahè, Praslin and La Digue ... a week, a few days or as long as you want to fully experience the Seychelles. A unique identity and a special character, this is what each island offers.

The islands characterized by granite boulders that emerge from the water as a gift of the sea are the most populous, famous and tourist. Let's try then to tell you well the three largest and most famous Seychelles islands, namely Mahé, Praslin and La Digue ... in short, those inhabited by the Seychelles and where some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located.
Ready to take off for this paradise of sea, sand and magic?

Mahè (Seychelles)

This is the largest island of the archipelago, with its 150 square kilometers of extension, the only one to have an international airport and at the same time the least known of all. Do you know why? Tourists tend to escape to the smaller islands ignoring how much this island is rich in treasures: from the Creole museum to the fish market, from the Carnival to the talc beaches. 

Let's start our tour from the capital: Victoria.
Welcome to one of the world's smallest capitals. Victoria will also be the economic, political and commercial center of the archipelago, but the rush hour, when the confusion in the streets is at its maximum, here lasts no more than 15 minutes!

Victoria is home to a very lively market, well-kept botanical gardens and a handful of old colonial buildings of great interest, peeking alongside modern facilities and shopping centers. It stands on a spectacular backdrop of hills that seem to fall into the turquoise sea.

You can wander around the city center in a short time and on foot.
You cannot miss a visit to its covered market, although it is small by African standards it is nevertheless a lively and characteristic place. In addition to fruit and vegetables, the stalls sell souvenirs, local spices and herbs, pareos and tshirts. The best time to come here is early in the morning when the fishmongers display an incredible variety of products, from parrot fish to barracuda.

Near the market stands the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, this majestic church is noteworthy in particular for its elegant portal and for the colonnade in front of the facade. The simplicity of its interiors is striking, so far from the pomp, sometimes superfluous, of ours in the West but really welcoming and warm.

Clock tower. The landmark building of the city center is a small-scale reproduction of the clock tower of the Vauxhall Bridge in London. The monument brought here at the beginning of the century when the Seychelles became a British colony.

Victoria is so small and pretty that everything can be reached in just a few steps ... Here we are at the Temple of Sri Navasakthi, with its vividly colored pictorial decorations, the small but showy Hindu temple of Victoria can be seen immediately, right behind the market! It is very popular with the city's Indian community and is a small piece of India in this tropical paradise.

We reach a wonderful viewpoint by taxi to enjoy a complete view of the whole bay! It looks like a postcard, we look incredulously at the sight of nature!

Tomorrow we will embark to discover the nearest islets! 

Eden Island (Seychelles)

Created for commercial purposes only a few years ago and having become one of the most fashionable places on Mahè, Eden Island is an artificial island with a marina, various fine bars and restaurants and a modern shopping center. From here we start with a catamaran to discover the nearby National Marine Park of Sainte Anne, a day trip organized with the help of the Seychelles National Tourist Board.

Off the waters of Victoria, the Sainte Anne Marine National Park includes six islands, three of which are among the most accessible of the 115 Seychelles islands: Cerf Island, Round Island and Moyenne Island.

Round Island, once home to a leper colony, is today known for its snorkelling sites in the open sea and for the extraordinary beauty of its beaches.

Right here we stop for a barbecue based on fish right on the shore, in one of the most beautiful places ever seen around the world.

Moyenne Island (Seychelles)

He has a rather unusual story behind him. This island remained uninhabited for most of the first half of the 20th century, until it was bought by an English journalist. Brendon Grimshaw, the island's only resident, spent 50 years transforming it by clearing the jungle and planting more than 16,000 trees in an attempt to create a tropical paradise all to himself. According to local legend, a pirate treasure would be buried on the island but no one ever found it. Finally Grimshaw started an Aldabra tortoise breeding program, turning the island into a real reserve, so now you have to pay a ticket for about 10 USD to visit it!

Praslin (Seychelles)

Located about 40km from Mahè, Praslin is the second most important of the islands of the Seychelles archipelago. To get to Praslin just take an Air Seychelles flight from Mahé and with a 15-minute crossing land in a paradise of sand and forest. Or you can board a fast catamaran (45 minutes) and enjoy the view from the water. It is famous for its white and paradisiacal beaches (Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette are regularly in the list of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world in recent years) for the palm trees of Coco de Mer, 40 meters high and dating back at least 200 years ago beyond, and for the quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The island, about 11 km long and 4 km wide, is surrounded by a coral reef and clear and colorful bottoms, a true enchantment and perfect place for those who love the sea but also for nature lovers who will appreciate the exploration of the paths admiring endemic species of birds and rare plants considered UNESCO World Heritage.  

La Digue (Seychelles)

At 40 km from Mahe and 7 km from Praslin, La Digue is famous for its magnificent granite boulders, its splendid beaches and its still wild hinterland. The island is the ideal destination for those who want to escape from city stress, immerse themselves in a reality outside of time and in direct contact with nature. Hosts, here are only the bright colors of the vegetation, the breeze of the wind and the scent of the sea, all that remains is to let yourself be enveloped by all this beauty, by the absolute peace and tranquility that you breathe in this island.
In a handful of square kilometers you can breathe a heavenly atmosphere among guest houses hidden among the trees, natural pools that frame the beaches and a slow rhythm, that of nature, which marks time.
The movements take place on carts pulled by oxen or by bicycle, after all, with a couple of rides, you get anywhere, without haste, without stress.

If you are looking for a secluded place, a haven of rare natural beauty, an oasis of peace with dreamy beaches of fine white sand and spectacular granite boulders: the Digue is what is right for you! Colors, sounds and intense aromas enhance this paradise in the Indian Ocean, which proudly shows its Creole roots and where it is still possible to enjoy simple and authentic pleasures!

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  1. Parole sante ! Anche io e Ivo abbiamo vissuto le Seychelles anni fa senza contatti TV cell . Riprendere lo spazio giusto attraverso i ns occhi. Assorbire col cuore il palcoscenico del divino intorno. I cavalli bianchi correvano sulla spiaggia le palme alte verdi ci davano ombra e quei massi rosa ci parlavano della natura immutata nei secoli.
    Ora avete Nora.
    Un valore aggiunto.
    Siate per lei un esempio vero e costante di come condividere e rispettare questo Mondo è la vera pienezza del vivere !
    Ve L ho sempre detto io..
    Voi 2borntobe3free♡

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