The kangaroo continent 

“Vast beaches of burning stones.

White heat.

A bridge,
parched yellow palms
in the sleepy house for the dormant summer in August.

Days I had,
day I lost,
days that, as daughters,
I lose my welcoming arms. "

– Derek Walcott –

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Intense journey to discover the true heart of Vanuatu Island. From the capital Port Vila to the tribes of Tanna, the majestic Yasur volcano and its nature.

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Heaven suddenly

Noumèa and its Franco-colonial charm that makes love with the Karnak culture (the main ethnic group of Melanesia) up to the wild Isle of Pines!

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A diamond in the Pacific

Taste of Brisbane before diving into the blue waters of the Fiji Islands! From Nadi with its Hindu charm to the amazing Beachcomber Island

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Among the tribes of another time

Very complicated and tiring journey immersed into the wild in the uncontaminated forest of Papua New Guinea, between ancient tribes and frightening ancestral rites

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Explosion of nature ... among kiwis

Lakes, glaciers, seas, ocean, desert dunes, mountains, rivers, fjords, waterfalls ... You can find everything you could wish for here ... Thanks Mother Nature.


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