Faroe Islands

4 days in freedom wandering among these wonderful volcanic islands with two children 

Even a few days in this wild and unspoiled paradise can give you unforgettable life experiences! Welcome to the Faroe Islands!

The Faroe Islands are not yet a tourist destination and, perhaps also for this reason, they manage to keep their traditions strong. Immense landscapes where nature seems amplified and instead of eyes you will feel as if you have put two magnifying glasses.

Wild nature, waves crashing on the rocks, steep meadows that end abruptly on cliffs overhanging the ocean.

Sheep overloaded with wool graze serene green grass while horses with long manes run towards endless spaces.

There are certain places in the world that are difficult to describe. The sensations of seeing this powerful Nature excites and balances you simultaneously and we are grateful to Visit Faroe for giving us the opportunity to discover this little jewel of the Atlantic Ocean in freedom.

We shared this trip with our 7 and almost 3-year-old children, so the itinerary we propose is suitable for their age and their little legs!

We reached the Faroe Islands from Reykjavik with a comfortable flight of just over an hour with the efficient national airline: Atlantic Airways which connects these volcanic islets with numerous European destinations!

During the days that passed, what surprised us was seeing all the "life" that inhabits it, starting from the ever-present animals, to the fishermen tidying up their boats, to the children playing in the streams on boats built with wooden bins, ladies who want to chat about their island!

In the capital Torshavn we ended up at a party organized by the city Church for all the families and their children, with food and drinks, inflatable games, musicians taking turns on a small stage; it was nice to be able to participate in a moment of strong aggregation of this generous and human community.

We advise you to choose a base from which you can leave every day to discover these volcanic islands (consider that from side to side you will reach them in just over an hour and a half by car!), so they are all distances that can be covered in one day! We preferred the capital: Torshavn.

Necessary to rent a car, very convenient to do it directly at the airport where you will find many companies, we have relied on "Rent your car” having a great time!

The weather in the Faroe Islands changes very quickly: while it's sunny and you're in a T-shirt, you may need a jacket after a few minutes or a raincoat and then go back to a T-shirt, which is why dressing in layers is a must here.

If you choose to stay in an apartment, which is ideal if you travel with children, you can cook in the evening and eat a sandwich during the day (perhaps with the delicious local salmon!). For your shopping, we recommend the "Bonus" Supermarket where you will find everything at affordable prices!

Back to our itinerary!

Day 1

Arrival at the small airport of Vagar, quick car rental and you can immediately begin to enjoy the beauty of this island.

First stop: Sorvagur village: its small port and colorful houses will welcome you!
after 4 km you will meet Bour: stop, go to its beach and enjoy the incredible landscape that you will see in front of you: the stacks of Drangarnir are incredibly beautiful.

We were greeted by a warm sun which also allowed us to dip our feet in the water! The children enjoyed playing on the wide beach while we chatted with a local lady who even took a bath: "the important thing is to have your head, hands and feet covered... then a swimsuit and off to the Atlantic Ocean... it's good, it's all good health!" And seeing her, you couldn't blame her!

After relaxing a bit, get back in the car and drive to the picturesque Mulafossur waterfall… you will get there after several pit stops along the way because the view points are countless and you will drive your camera crazy especially when you see the colorful houses with of peat!

Another 4 km and here is an enchanted place: the waterfall plunges strongly into the ocean, the seagulls fly free and you can breathe a fairytale atmosphere!

A little further on is the small church of Sandavágur, the most beautiful on the island…
You cannot miss a trip to Lake Trælanípa, the so-called "suspended lake" due to how it appears lying on a flat rock, a more unique than rare marvel, but evaluate well the three-hour journey (round trip) to do with the children!

Time to leave the island of Vagar heading to that of Streymoy, with the very comfortable tunnel (100 kr return) to the delightful capital: Torshavn!

We will be staying at the splendid Hotel Hafnia, in the historic center, a simply wonderful hotel!

Day 2

South Islands of Streymoy and Eysturoy.

With our faithful little car we reach Kirkjubøur, a small village but of great historical importance as it was the episcopal seat of the Faroe Islands until the 16th century. Here are the ruins of the cathedral of Saint Magnus, the oldest church still operating (Saint Olav) and the one considered one of the oldest house in the world, still inhabited: Kirkjubøgarður.

We continue north through the villages of Velbastaður and Syðradalur letting ourselves be enchanted by the beauty of this wild nature.

We turn the page and reach the extreme north of the island of Eysturoy, precisely in Gjógv.
An ancient village with a wonderful natural marina created by a high and very suggestive gorge.
The traditional houses are very picturesque, many display dried fish on the doorstep and it is very pleasant to wander around its ancient streets.

 Day 3

Borðoy and Viðoy Islands.

If you look at the maps, the distances seem considerable but, thanks to the tunnels and the real dimensions of these islands, in a short time you can move far and wide reaching any destination.

Here we are in Klaksvík, the second largest city of the Faroe Islands, even if it is a small village by our standards; is famous for its fish industry, its ancient Føroya Bjór brewery and its Christianskirkjan Lutheran Church (we particularly enjoyed this visit thanks to an elderly volunteer who told us so many curious and interesting anecdotes; it is always so exciting to stop and talk to locals to learn even more about these green islands!

Quick lunch in one of the many rest areas with a panoramic view, this time we are in Hvannasund, in front of its wonderful little church, how much we love them! And off to Viðareidi, an enchanted place where there is a small church and a rectory donated in 1850 by the British Government as a sign of gratitude for the rescue of the crew of the brig Marwood sunk off the coast.

Day 4

Last day, we dedicate everything to the splendid Torshavn to discover it as we like it: on foot, slowly and following the flow of events!

After a grand breakfast at our Hafnia Hotel with black bread, salted butter, honey, nuts and salmon, in two minutes we are strolling along the colorful harbor with many moored boats swaying, seagulls flying in search of some fish and on the I have some kids playing around with their skates!

A little further we arrive at the lighthouse, a very nice place for children who can climb the small cannons of the fortress which dominates the whole hill and which offers one of the most beautiful views of the city.
Going up its narrow streets we reach the Kongaminnið: the monument dedicated to the king of Denmark, another symbol of the city but along the way let yourself be enchanted by the colors of the many traditional wooden houses, one more beautiful than the other!

National Museum (Tjodsavnid): to deepen the knowledge of this island that hosts us a little more. The space dedicated to children is very clever with many tables where you can color the shapes of whales, puffins and fish!

Quick lunch at the Paname Cafè, right next to our hotel! An old book store that has been transformed into a delightful, well-kept and welcoming bar where, while sipping a chai latte and eating a rhubarb cheesecake, you can play one of the many board games available with your friends!   

We continue towards the Cathedral whose bell comes from a Norwegian ship sunk in 1700 up to the beach of the Sandagerð city famous for local picnics.

Here we meet the hospital shepherd who welcomes us to his farmyard and while our children feed the chicks and hens, he tells us many cute and amusing anecdotes!

But a few hundred meters away is the little one “Aquarium” (Foroya Sjosavn) to learn even more about the fauna of the Faroes among curious crabs and local fish while there is a space dedicated to children where they can color, even here, the shapes of the many fish! What a nice idea!

Unfortunately it's time to leave again but how excited and happy we are to have come to this island that seems out of this world! We return home with a thousand wonderful memories, endless images of landscapes, with a core full of greenery after observing the "greatest" Nature ever seen. I don't know if I can make myself understood but, when you drive along these roads you are completely absorbed in a different world where towering cliffs drop sheer into the ocean, waterfalls show all their power while birds fly giving you a sense of freedom .

We leave with the awareness of not having visited and experienced so many places but we are happy, we are because we are sure to go back to continue where we left off.

Thanks Faroe Islands for all the beauties you have presented to us. See you soon.

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  1. Stiamo pensando di trascorrere nel 2024 un periodo alle isole FAROE, ho letto del vostro viaggio che trovo interessante anche per le informazioni generali tipo hotel, noleggio auto e altro, un bello spunto per la nostra visita.


    1. Grazie mille, è un’isola molto interessante! Te ne innamorerai. Che intendi per “periodo”?

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