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Lapland – To Santa Claus' village

Rovaniemi Viaggio in Lapponia al villaggio di babbo natale Questo più che un articolo di viaggio è una vera favola… Vi racconterò, infatti, di quando

Trip to Lapland with children

Rovaniemi Trip to Lapland with children A four-day trip to the fairy land of Lapland to discover Santa Claus among mischievous elves, huskies

Yerevan – Between religion and art

Yerevan Journey among ancient rock monasteries and Christian churches; majestic lakes and a capital alive with a vibrant energy Tell me what you come across

Tbilisi – A kachapuri on the loose

Tbilisi A Khachapuri in freedom A weekend in the delightful Georgian capital among ancient Orthodox churches, Soviet flea markets and its melancholic beauty

The futuristic city

Baku The futuristic city Long weekend in the futuristic Azeri capital among modern skyscrapers, true architectural works of art and mosques with an ancient flavor

7 things to do at Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton 7 interesting things to experience at Lake Balaton The lake is a destination that always has its own particular charm, especially considering that

Budapest – Long week end

Budapest Long weekend in the Paris of the East Welcome to the "Paris of the East", in fact the Hungarian capital has many features in common with the French one and

Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Alto Adige Two weeks strolling in the Alps What we propose is one of the thousands of itineraries that can be experienced in this

Morocco with children

Morocco with children An itinerant trip from the south to the north of Morocco with two children If there is a country that we adore madly it is

African feast

African festival A dip in an African village in a moment of celebration When we travel we like to immerse ourselves in the local culture to the fullest. There

Safari in Africa with children

Safari in Africa with children A magnificent adventure Is it possible to live the experience of a safari in Africa with your children ... some even very young ones?

Abetone - 7 reasons to visit it

Abetone 7 good reasons to visit Abetone Welcome to a place of pure relaxation and physical and mental regeneration where you can switch off and

Aosta Valley - Natural enchantment

Aosta Valley Natural enchantment Views with the highest peaks in Europe, cold glaciers, enchanting alpine lakes, lush forests, pastures and traditional villages; unique flavors where

Greece - Discovering the Saronic Islands

Saronic Islands Discovering unknown Greek paradises Islands with a very clean sea, enchanting coasts, a pleasant island atmosphere, hospitable inhabitants, good tourist infrastructure, great respect for the environment

Morocco – Only for women!

Morocco Warning: for women only! Many women write to me asking if a trip to Morocco alone or with friends is feasible and above all safe.

Assisi - Between art and religion

Assisi Between art and culture A weekend in the city in the sacred city of San Francesco ... A leap into an area of profound spirituality but not

Madeira – What to do in Madeira

Madeira What to do in Funchal if you only have a few days Funchal, the capital of a small Portuguese oasis in the Atlantic. You only have a few hours

Camper - A way to travel free

Travel without schemes Moving with the house that follows you A way of traveling not for everyone but that still allows you to experience the

Bangkok. 15 interesting things to do

Bangkok 15 interesting things to experience in bangkok Chaotic, intriguing, oppressive, dirty and with a decidedly torrid but also welcoming and cosmopolitan climate: Bangkok is

Marseille. Living the city

Marseille Experience Marseille Marseille, a kaleidoscope of ancient people and civilizations, a city of undisputed charm and strong identity that knows how to attract visitors to its


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